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Suggestion - Third Person Airstrike Animation


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Hi guys!


So recently I've played Black Dawn again and I saw in a cutscene the an officer in the tower standing there and using his binoculars.


I was thinking this would be a great animation to use for the airstrike in third person. I know that you can't use airstrike without right mouse click, but you see you probably have seen a friendly one using an airstrike. While your teammate uses an airstrike, he's just standing there and in a few seconds you'll see a small laser in front of him. Not really special.

That's why I like to see this kind of animation when you mark the area for an airstrike. It will feel like he's really using an airstrike and not saying the magic words to call in one.


Give me your opinion and let it happen! :)






( @yosh56@Havoc89@Ruud033@KrypTheBear@[CT]Ukill@Henk@kenz3001  and all the other Devs)

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