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[Poll] Custom maps to AOW-CT server


Custom maps to AOW-CT server  

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  1. 1. Which custom *FINISHED* maps would you like to see added to the rotation of the servers?

    • CNC City Flying (ThommyK version)
    • CNC Deck (Default deathmatch map from UT3, quite chaotic)
    • CNC Frostbite
    • CNC Reservoir
    • CNC Tunnels
    • CNC Trainingyard
  2. 2. Add custom maps at all?

    • Yes
    • No

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Voted yes for all (but you two knew this cause we talked about it on TS). TrainingYard is a 'maybe' depending on how the map looks now. City is fine by me. It's functional, but a bit grey. 

What about Paradise and Reservoir?

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There's issues beyond crashes with the launcher's downloader, including the fact that it's still strictly handled through an out-of-game application that not everybody uses. To switch from the Marathon server to the AOW server, a user has to exit their game client and start again. There's a reason I am still planning to replace this mechanism entirely (though I've admittedly been quite inactive lately).

Also, Thommy's version of City is extremely poor and shouldn't at any point be considered a substitute for a proper finished version of City. Many assets required for City do not yet exist, and still need to be added. Adding his version of City will just leave a bad taste in people's mouths for those who have been long anticipating City, including myself.

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