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List of common Renegade X abbreviations


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I noticed there isn't a list of abbreviations commonly used in the chat. At least I couldn't find one!

New players might have trouble making sense of the plethora of terms used in chat by experienced players, and I've seen newbies asking what "SBH" means" quite often. So, here is an attempt to list those abbreviations along with their meaning. If you have any additions, please put them in a comment and I will add them if appropriate. Mods may feel free to make this a sticky if they want.

Arty - Nod's artillery.

Arty Party - A large (usually 4+) number of artillery pieces used to attack the GDI base. A favourite Nod tactic on maps like Whiteout and Islands. Dangerous when unchecked because of the extremely high damage output from a long distance.

Bar - GDI Barracks

Chem - Nod Chem Trooper. Basically beefed-up Flamethrower infantry. Primarily used in early-game rushes.

Chin - Chinook transport helicopter. Basically a flying APC. Destroy incoming enemy Chinooks as soon as possible.

Chopper - Helicopters of all sorts (Orcas, Apaches, Chinooks)

Inf path - The map's infantry path leading to the base, which is inaccessible to vehicles. An example are the tunnels connecting the bases on Field.

Doza - Mendoza, a high-tier Nod infantry killer.

Engie - Low tier Engineer.

Field Tech / Field Hottie - Engineers that are not used as part of the base defense, but rather support the vehicles (and combat infantry) in the field by repairing and healing them. Since they are only armed with pistols and C4, they have to be protected from all threats, especially stealthed units and snipers.

Ion/Nuke - The superweapons of GDI and Nod, respectively. When planted, their beacons emit a beeping sound and a faint glow.

Flamer/FTank - Nod Flame Tank

Harv / Harvy - Tiberium harvester

HON - Hand of Nod

Hottie - Hotwire. GDI's advanced engineer class.

Inc - Incoming! When you see this in chat, prepare to defend the base from an oncoming attack.

LCG - Nod Laser Chaingunner

LTank - Nod Light Tank

MCT - Master Control Terminal. Each building has this. It serves two functions: When repaired, the building it is in is repaired quicker, and when attacked (by C4 or shooting), it deals more damage to the building.

Field - A general word for the no-man's land between both bases, where the majority of fighting commonly happens. Also the name of a map.

Med - GDI Medium Tank

MINES - When you see this in chat, immediately check the base for missing Proximity C4s and infiltrators, and remine as soon as possible.

Mob - Moebius, a high-tier GDI infantry class, armed with a very powerful but short-range lightning gun. Dangerous to vehicles and infantry alike.

PP - Power Plant

Ref - Tiberium Refinery

Rush - A coordinated assault, often consisting of one class or type of vehicles or infantry (for example, a Med Rush would be a nothing but Medium Tanks).

SBH - Stealth Black Hand. Nod's stealthed infantry, only visible from up close as a blue shimmer. Detection range is even smaller when in a vehicle.

Stank - Nod Stealth Tank

Strip - Nod Airstrip

Tech/Techie - Nod Technician, equivalent to GDI's Hotwire.

Tib - Tiberium field, referring to the area the tiberium harvesters go to harvest

WF - GDI Weapons Factory

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Just edit your first post and copy-paste the wiki section. You don't need any permission since it is on a wiki; therefore editable and able to be redistributed by anyone as long it complies with the general rules. If for any obscure reason you need someone to grant any kind of permission: since I am the original author of the article, you are henceforth authorized to post the aforementioned list as reference material for use in the Renegade X forums (still, I don't have any kind of copyright over what I wrote on the wiki, it belongs to the CCAS as mentioned below).

(Please note that all contributions to Renegade-X Wiki are considered to be released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (see Renegade-X Wiki:Copyrights for details). If you do not want your writing to be edited mercilessly and redistributed at will, then do not submit it here.

You are also promising us that you wrote this yourself, or copied it from a public domain or similar free resource. Do not submit copyrighted work without permission!)

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Here's some that you didn't include,

GT : Guard tower , usually refers to the non advance one (can also mean Nod's Gun Turret)

HW: hotwire

PT: purchase terminal

SAM: Surface-to-Air Missile , usually refers to the SAM site, the anti-air base defense of NOD

LT: light tank

PIC : Personal Ion Canon armed infantry

chemy : Chemical trooper

Flamer: Nod flamethrower

APC: Armored Personnel Carrier

C4: general for the timed, remote or the proximity explosive

SBH : Stealth soldier, can also be sniper black hand (rarely refer to sniper in renegade X)

Mines doesn't have to mean YOUR mines

MLRS Party : a group of MLRS rampaging

HBH : Heavy black hand, that's what they were called in Renegade back in 2002 time, I don't see people calling them HBH anymore but I just write this here just in case

Tranny: apc

mend : mendoza, the Nod character

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