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Renegade X WIP List


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Someone mentioned that it might be useful to move this post into a public forum, so here it is! This is more of a feature/progress list, and generally doesn't include bug fixes. This post is cut/pasted/edited from another section:

Figured it'd be nice to have a full list of what's being (or will be) worked on, and who's doing what. Any devs should feel free to input/update their own things in this thread. This also serves as my personal to-do list, because I keep forgetting what still needs to be done.



  • (Planned) Game database for the leaderboard
  • (Planned) Various fixes to Soft Level Boundaries
  • Add optional Target parameter to "SpectateMode" RCON command to spectate a specific player
  • (Maybe) Server-side player access system (moderator system)


  • (In progress) Commander Mod


  • (Planned) Add country flags for servers on the launcher
  • (In Progress) Resolve permissions issues



  • Replace Steam IDs with forum registration (after forum conversion to IPB4)
  • HUD for spectator mode
  • Replace most hard-coded strings with localized strings
  • City
  • Tutorial level
  • Server join queue, and possibly queue servers.
  • Taunts
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* Implement Communications Center

* Silo building icon

What about:

* Implement Repair Facility for both factions

* Implement Construction Yard for both factions

* destroyable Tiberium Silo's for both factions

Henk has made a Repair Facility for his map, but it's not fully implemented in the game yet.

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We already have a model for the miniature Communications Center (about the size of a bunker) which will act as a tech building; someone just needs to implement the functionality. This is easy to fit into any map. Those other things are not easy to fit into existing maps, and are honestly kinda gimmicky. We're also not really making any levels that would make use of additional structures such as that. Realistically you might see City and kenz's BeachHead included in the game eventually, but I'm not expecting much more than that from members of the development team.

Feel free to implement those though, and if they end up getting used for more than 1 or 2 maps we'll totally package it with the game so that mappers don't have to keep packaging it with their levels.

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Nice list, not sure IF this still considered, but a veterancy system would be cool to have. I also 'miss' the fact that there's been worked on preventing / ending stalemates.

Good work people!

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