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Invisible mines in HON


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i don't know how exactly UDK works... but usually you would add a collision to the building in the SDK itself and mappers then just have to update.

if every mapper has to fix the collision for himself, we will see more maps with invisible mines...

or you just change how mines collide... maybe the faster sollution...

i'll tested a few maps in skirmish... (complex even online)

  • - canyon (day & night): slightly visible
    - complex: invisible
    - crash site: invisible
    - eyes: invisible
    - field (day & night): invisible
    - goldrush: invisible
    - tomb: invisible
    - islands: invisible
    - lakeside: invisible

on red maps this is kinda gamebreaking as enemy infantry nearly can do nothing in HON with those mines placed and infantry is pretty important in those maps... they can't even kill engis who repair the building, because the engis can just move behind the mines...

i don't think i have to test more maps... probably all maps have this particular problem and on canyon they are just slightly visible (needs a fix anyway).

this is very problematic, as you can just mine that spott there and noone will ever get C4 on the MCT... only if they throw their c4 from the upper floor... and why would people do that if they can't see mines?

you also cannot defuse them, but they explode if an enemy gets near them...

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i checked and that part of the building (kind of a step) simply has no collision. if you stand in there with a soldier you will see his feet are partially under the ground.

it's also easy to see, when you place a beacon... half the beacon is underground as if there where no collision on the step...

i'm no expert, but i think to solve this problem the devs can add collision to the step or remove the step and add that fix to the prefabs for mapdesigners...

and to all people designing new buildings (helipad, repair pad, etc.), just don't use building parts without collision. that just creates problems with beacons and mines.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Or make the mines slightly bigger. Or use the model's surface as reference. Is the mine deployment's Trace function using BULLET flag?

The HoN's lack of collision detail is due to game collision needing to be simple enough it will not take too much memory

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