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[Map] CNC-Uphill


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  • Totem Arts Staff

Hello everybody,

how you all doing in lovely 2016. Well I'm doing fine for now. So Beta 5.1 has finally been released and I got my hands on the new SDK and decided to do 3 Re-Makes of Original Renegade Custom Maps. These maps were added to most servers. And I wanted to show you what I've been up to.

The first Re-Make is actually quite far in it's progress. I've already did some test plays on this map. But it isn't ready for release yet. I already started a bit on the second but that is no where near finished.


Most of you probably know this map. This one was created by Titan1X77 in the Original game. The open bases are good for Arty Party's and other rushes. A Non-Base defence map. Some people will be very happy with that.




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Curious which other 2 will be in there !

And what Glacious says, I personally prefer focus on one map, makes if more satisfying to see one being used and than work on the other, but hey I am not a map maker myself so who am I to judge?

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Some things you could improve in my opinion:

- The terrain colour, the grass colour looks a bit mossy instead of grassy, or maybe it's just the colour of the light.

- The rocks are a bit shiny, try to take down the specularity a bit. And maybe also add some colour variation to the material.

- Some parts in the tunnel look a bit dark, maybe add some small point lights.

- And I think the landbridge would look cooler if the bottom/support was a bit more curved

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  • Totem Arts Staff


I'm back with screenshots of the second Re-Make (Yes oh my ...). Yesterday I had a full day for myself and I did a lot of mapping for the second one. And it is so far in it's progress that I release already new screenshots. Be ready


Another desert map with an Egyptian Temple and tunnel System. It really looks like what I want to have. This map is kind of a smaller CNC-Walls with Canyon elements.




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Yeah it looks cool. will you add more stuff to the interior for cover? You could make it look like an excavation for example.

And maybe have some landscape with sand material poke through the ground, like they're small piles of sand or dust. That might look realistic.

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Also feedback about uphill:

- I am not feeling this map, not sure what it is, but I guess the colour...? The map really lacks the 'wow factor' Tomb has

- When you bump in the barbed wire under the hanging rocks you will get the 'out of battlefield' warning, but it never dissappears. I had this in multiple places. Basicly you just have one option and this is to wait 5 seconds and die.

The forum doesn't let me upload screenshots, so I have to add them later!

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Now, i haven't played the RenX version of Tomb yet but i do have some experience with the original. It's a relatively small map with lots of rushing opportunites early-game and, like Mesa, allows for flanking maneuvrability in the vehicle routes, as it's difficult to keep both vehicle routes strong while being adaptable at the same time. It often happens that both teams mostly control a flank, and one of them overrun the enemy base if the enemy focus shows to be weak.

This map is really fast-paced, and i expect it to end rather quickly on average. Now i'm all in for rush maps, but i'm not sure if this map has enough key locations to control. I would honestly like to see an increase in the size of the rocks on the outer side of the vehicle route entrance on 3:15 and next to the silo's on 9:20.

Now i'm not sure if this map actually needs good cover because of it's small size, and i'm all in for testing this on the PUGs but there aren't really any locations to cover your vehicle in except for your own base.

Aesthetic-wise, i think this map looks great! but the inside of the tombs could use some more props to make it look even better! :cool:

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Okay as new project I will do a third remake. I said I didn't want to make a third one. But I'm very interested in C&C_Bio. So I'm gonna start with that one.

I could do this map alone. But I think I can do it with a small team.

The map has some meshes that are not made. Some things I can do with the brush but I think it would be better if someone can model it and someone else texture it

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Yeah how many maps are you going to do Thommy? I think the community has more to gain from a few finished ones (even though you can still do small tweaks to them every now and than). Ofc. the decision is all yours...

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I just remembered C&C_BunkerTS today, random thought sort of thing, and as I thought of it, I thought to myself that all the assets required to make it are already in-game.

Not really making a suggestion, just food for thought. You were talking about remakes, and I remember quite a few old maps myself. Glacier, High_Noon, even Cairo. A lot of people don't give at least two of those a good look because of the original mapmaker's name attached to it.

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  • Totem Arts Staff
fix ya other maps !

Everybody calm down pls. I got a lot on my head in my life. So thinking is hard now

Before I start a new project I Will fix all my other maps

These will be fixed:

- TrainingYard (If there still bugs left)

- Uphill (If there still bugs left)

- Tomb (Updated today to V1.2)

- River (priority number 1)

- M01 (will make map smaller)

- Meteor (will create my own assets. No beachhead stuff will be added)

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Did Training Yard ever get a proper minimap?

Also, it could use... simplification of map design. It's original played better but had bugs, the version that was actually played a lot in 5.14 was worse in gameplay. If the gameplay could return to 5.14, most people would appreciate it.

The rest, if Uphill is any good it should be given serious consideration.

Besides that, don't take what others say too seriously. Kenz3001 still hasn't put blocking volumes in wall-crevices on XMountain but he doesn't pay me no nevermind, because I am an asshat that keeps bringing it up like a jerkwad. Criticism is to be taken with a grain of salt, if you did have another idea for a map you can start another map, you can prioritize your work to current maps or new maps however you see fit.

Besides inquiring about a training yard minimap, and gameplay tweaks, and other near-close serious-candidate maps like Uphill, honestly a map like Bio or another remake, may produce another serious-candidate map. Deathmatch ones won't be taken seriously atm, so if you plan to make them then also be ready to petition the community to give infantry maps a honest college try instead of blowing them off (valley and dawn work but are discarded by societal definitions of beauty).

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Uphill is back to Work in Progress!

Yes I'll be improving Uphill because it's a quite boring, empty and crappy map.


These things will be done:

- Landscape improvement (Material aswell)

- Adding in stuff in the map

- Background improvement: There will be no end of the map!

- [MAYBE] Add in Team Silo (Like in C&C_Uphill_RxD)

- Add in base defences (Like in C&C_Uphill_RxD)

- Remove Tech Building Silo (If I decide to add in TeamSilo)

- Add in more foliage

- Add in rain (Which was part of the original map)

- Lighting Improvement

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Final Update!

Tomorrow I'll make the minimap and preview image and start Test Plays! If I find no bugs, it will be released soon! If I find bugs, It will take some more time



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  • Totem Arts Staff

So at the moment I'm waiting on a bug report from Try-Out. @DarkSn4ke do you have a bug report on this map?


So with that. I have a nice idea for the map. What if the lights in the base would turn off when the teams Power Plant is destroyed.....

I think I can set something up with Kismet.....


And here a small changelist what I already did for the next version:


- Fixed Downloading 'RX_Env_Headlands' Package
- Replaced Foliage Trees with Normal Static Mesh Trees, Infantry Spots not gone, Most vehicles can't drive through them
- Gave GDI and Nod Refinery some more cover with Trees
- Fixed OP spot at one of the Tree Areas
- Reduced Wind a lot
- All rocks placed in field and bases are not accessable for Infantry and Vehicles
- Airstrip Lights now have collision
- Added an extra GT to the back of the bases
- Updated Wind Sound
- Some Building Materials are fixed only in this map!
- Fixed Shiny Landscape

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stuck spot [mobius]

floating tree

bad collision

bot pathing needs some rework (if you want to do that)

mini map looks bad

you can partly access that rock and jump on the bar sandbags from there - maybe intended? ;)

Silo paths got some bad collisions.

I'm sorry that I didn't post the screens earlier.



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  • Totem Arts Staff


I've to add a bit, too



Weird Collision in front of me. Maybe it is a collision from the rock or from the blocking volume.



weird collision here, too.


you can't get through that. I think it is really annyoing in a game if you do this mistake all the time. Just move the tank blocker a bit

Shouldn't take too long to fix that.

And I am sorry, I think it wont be easy to find the first 2 spots. Use the mini map in the left corner.


But it is good to see this map like this, you've made a really good jon :)



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  • Totem Arts Staff



I think the most bugs that are reported are problem with the rocks. I got this fixed in the new version!

Also, I've done a bit funky stuff with kismet! When the GDI Power Plant is destroyed, the GDI light posts will shut down! (Same goes for Nod)


At the moment I haven't found / isn't any way to toggle materials on buildings. I wanted to toggle the flashing lights of the building when the Power Plant is destroyed (just like in the old Ren). But buildings can't be converted to any different actor (buildings are static meshes)

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  • Totem Arts Staff
On 2.4.2017 at 8:31 PM, DarkSn4ke said:


floating tree

Try-Out was saying me, that he wanted to report the floating grass. Also he said that this problem exist on every other little hill.


So now another thing.

Many trees are unvisible on detail mode low. So the Collision is still there but you don't see anything.


Low Detail Mode


High Detail Mode



Weird Foliage



Add a Tiberium Tree here? (Prefabs are in the RX_Env_Fallen Package from @IllumZar)



You can shoot to the tunnels on GDI side, that isn't possible on Nod side.


But we found no glitch nuke spots and I really tried many things. That is good.

Keep it up.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

@Luhrian Wasn't aware of the low detail bug. Don't know what's causing it. Will check it asap

Will use tiberium tree for that. I like that idea! :)


Was about to release it soon but good you posted this! :)

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