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Aircraft limit on flying maps


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I agree, too many people just go for aircraft because its fast and gets them to the action fast while in reality its probably not helping your team. So you end up with 8 useless idiots flying around in an Orca/Apache looking for that easy prey and running for the slightest danger.

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6 on flying maps without base defences. (e.g. Walls)

4 on flying maps with base defences. (e.g. Lakeside, Eyes)

It should really be the other way around.

And made a difference if there's an AGT or not (there's a huge disparity between Lakeside and Eyes, to take your examples).

That is, if something like this should even exist.

Even with 20 people in a team, you rarely see more than 6 active aircrafts at a time.

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There are very few things that can stop an apache or orca rush aside from the other teams also having a ton of aircraft to counter them.. So many times on walls / lakeside 8 apaches kill Bar in 8 seconds. and its not like you stop them because the fly over the area in lakeside where tanks can't go.

Aircraft should be limited, the armor comment doesn't hold up because ramjet and sniper does far less damage than it used to in the end unless you have an apc, LCG/Patch or a normal rifle man, flying units are just as strong. It is still far too difficult for ground units to kill aircraft. MLRS, apache simply hides behind a cliff... Stank has limited range so orca just flies away. About the only thing that put aircraft in its place is the HOVER MLRS with its 12 missiles.

I mean I would like to see raveshaw or sydney take out aircraft with 3 shots, right now its 4.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Lakeside is more of a map design issue than an aircraft issue...Lakeside in general just has issues, and probably shouldn't have aircraft to begin with.

The Orca rush on Walls isn't even remotely a problem, since as long as someone calls it out they're blatantly obvious and in the open the moment they leave their base.

As for the Hover MRLS, it and the recon bike are both ridiculously op against aircraft due to an oversight with their damage type.

Also...how are you leaving out the rocket soldier for AA? Damn thing 5 shots an Orca and costs less than a third the price.

Not going to make aircraft THAT squishy when they're 900 credits.

Besides...ask B0ng about fighting Apaches with Meds...

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