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Placing collision or 'no beacon area'


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There has been these talks about 'glitched beacons' here and there. A lot of people know this as 'beacons that are inaccessible in normal ways'. Normally I wouldn't bring this up, but at the time of writing, I just got banned from TmX a few minutes ago because of this. It was an accident, but still the damage is done

I'm requesting the dev to put some kind of collision box on the place that are inaccessible for foot soldiers. Or an area where you cannot put a beacon in (some things like a volume might suffice)

For now, the spot that I find inaccessible is just this :


This is where I put my beacon (not really sure exactly where). The arm and the area around it that isn't covered by the ramps is inaccessible.



The ref however, has cone collision according to my research so I don't think anyone can glitch around there

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Resurrecting this as I was just about to post the same suggestion when I found this thread.

I would really like each building to have a seperate "no-plant-mesh". Just ragequit a game of Walls where a nuke beacon was planted ontop of GDI Refinery inside the mesh fence. Five Hotwires were not able to defuse it even though they had ample time to do so. In fact, they just couldn't reach it with their rep guns, the beam was always stopped by the fence. Apparently one beam went through and hit the beacon for a fraction of a second because it stood at 97% when the nuke dropped. So, in the end I guess it was theoretically possible to disarm if one stood at the exact location, but nevertheless I call BS on placing it there deliberately. Just cheap and ruined the game for everyone (everyone but NOD, I at least ;) ).

Cue much whining and accusing and cries of "glitched beacon! Ban him! BAN HIM!!!". Not pretty.

Another problematic spot is atop of GDI barracks in the inside corners of where the conrete slabs meet. Placing a nke there will not make it undefusable, but the beacon model and it's glowing outline will be almost completely inside the barracks' mesh, making it extremely hard to see.

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Someone placed a beacon between the flagpole and the sandbags on the barracks. We had a few hotwires ready to disarm, but couldn't find the beacon. It wasn't until afterwords that we discovered you had to jump on top of the sandbags to get to the beacon, and likely only one hotwire could defuse at a time. This seems obviously exploitative. If there was any support for the beacon, it'd have a 99% success rate. It's clear this should be patched. A beacon's success rate shouldn't depend on hidden spots such as these, they should rely on team support.

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While we are ranting, I had placed a beacon on XMountain against the cobblestone wall the width of a harvester away from the War Factory, and it DIDN'T kill it. Pfft. That is some fickle range.

Anyway, yeah. Maybe there should be some trees or rocks to plant beacons against that are around buildings, a close enough distance to destroy the building without being obscurely far away so it's an obvious spot possibility.

But for instance, one map with a woodpile behind the wf, that is sort of chicken shit. Every damn time. Tall grass got the ref killed on islands once, just planted in tall grass, and I swear the light was never visible.

Maybe the buildings should do a better job, of having some places to hide beacons around, but not bullmess obcsure or otherwise unfair places, as well as the buildings themselves have some collision because if I am not mistaken the beacon is just a grenade with 0 throw force and gravity (like mines should have lol), so it falls straight down. If there were collision areas, the beacon could land on the collision area instead.

That sort of detail work is time consuming though. Which is why it hasn't been done yet.

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resurrecting this as it is still a relevant issue.

can we get rid of building parts without collision plz? they just cause problems as i pointed out in the "invisible mines in hon" thread.

this placement of a ion is still used and it just sucks not seeing it. it should be treated as a bug...

it's ok if a beacon is hidden well in grass or behind rocks as long as you can see it and disarm it. but i hate searching for invisible things...


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