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I feel like I should keep up a list of players who need a RenX-lesson or 2, especially with regards to mining.

After a long while, I played a session today, well atleast I tried... TmX server, Lakeside, GDI, 45 mine limit.

I noticed proxy mines scattered around the infantry path (at the trees and above) and tried to figure out who it was, but to my surprise, it was someone I always thought of being one of the "pro's" as I see his name quite often ingame and doing significant stuff.

I intend to make a list of player names, but as it's easy to change the name, it's kinda futile.

Still though, this list would name a few and if people come across them ingame and see something stupid like proxies all over the map, they might link it to those players.

Name-shaming is not good as a community, I'm aware of that. If you want to have a healthy community, we should teach and learn from eachother. But as soon as I saw this, I was like ...-sigh- Why do I bother playing this game if people are simply not willing to learn to play?

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That Kriemhild Gretchen faggot needs to learn to drive. He keeps asking for money for rushes than constantly fucks up when driving in.

Yeah totally!

Dude, where did you get your driving license? In Turkey for $100,-?

In all seriousness though, especially on server running 30-45 mine limit, GDI can realy use the cap to defend the buildings rather than Nod accidentally hitting 1 mine somewhere in the field.

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I think i have been all over the spectrum in my behavior with mines. Lately i try to use recognized patterns because i enjoy the effectiveness, but sometimes i like to use mines elsewhere. I often get harsh comments for some of my favorite places. { mining that is just team hampering is a separate issue }

I give this issue a fair amount of thought. Lately my thought is this:

We do need to give some room for personal placement styles and decisions. If a player is using mines in a different way i try to change my gameplay. For instance i might play more defensively if doors aren't mined. Other times if someone is using mines in a forward area i will try to make use of it.

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Gonna shame myself for having my 'defending APC' stolen twice in the row because of the fear that no one's around to repair buildings

Panic wrecks the whole team

Start putting timed c4 on your vehicle when you leave it. Repair, then refill at terminal, then return to your vehicle before it explodes so it does "friendly fire damage ignoring". Problem solved.

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Yeah, thx. I was stupid to leave it empty

Wait tho, doesn't self damage still apply?

Oh you know, it does. Just keep remotes on it then. Tbh, they are more useful in more situations than you think. In case of a panic incoming APC, you can jettison yours to destroy their instantly, problem solved. Stolen, jettison, kill culprit.

I just thought, timed c4 are less useful so might as well rid them, but AFAIK they do destroy your own vehicle :(

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Today, on walls with GDI, someone managed to put 10+ mines on all first doors, and non on all seconds, on all buildings... *Facepalm*

You'd need to re-mine the entire base to correct fails like this. Maybe the ability of moving mines would be a nice feature?

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