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Autorifle power


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would a sniper rifle be able to wreck an apache helicopter

In real world it only needs 1 shot if aimed good... In original Renegade it needs 6 shots and in Renegade X we need 7 shots.

That's why snipers are less effective VS aircrafts in Renegade-X... In original Renegade, we only need to reload 2 times to shot 2 aircrafts down, but in Renegade X we need to reload 3 times to shot down 2. That's a great difference, not to mention that aircrafts move faster and sniper scopes only provide 2 zoom levels in Renegade X.

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Aim for the head.


nor would a sniper rifle be able to wreck an apache helicopter

A well-placed shot to the engine (as the pilot is too protected in his armoured cage) will make it stall and crash. Well, thats the realism. BUT Ramjets are high-powered sniper rifles and should be able to pierce armor like butter, in that sense, a sniper should be able to kill a pilot or knock off the apache tail.

In any case, sniper vs aircraft is still more effective than missles/rockets are.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

We might be tweaking projectile physics to help compensate a bit, this is an ongoing process to help improve the game.

But yes the AR is supposed to be relatively weak in comparison to other weapons, it's the free class.

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tbh, I think infantry mobility should be looked at.

Imo, sprinting lasts too long and recharges too quickly. There is also nothing to discourage rapid, random movement. If you sprint and then rapidly change directions left and right, you're character moves at a pace that's almost impossible to track. It's like how snipers in the original Renegade would vibrate back and forth... except worse.

There should be a sort of "momentum" build up when sprinting, which makes changing directions while sprinting actually slower than it would be if you were moving at regular pace.

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I would agree with you to nerf spring but theres quite some BF (where you have unlimited sprint) fans in the dev team so nerfing sprinting isent really going to happen anytime soon i think. Maybe this should get a poll aswell or a serverside option to change the ammount of sprint so server owners could decide themselves so that the community could figure a good setting out on their own.

About changing momentum when sprinting: We would like to make it more smooth but dont know how atm.

What bothers me more then inf sprinting is vehicle sprint. I hate having to hold down the sprint key while driving vehicles and i think it makes them come back to the frontline too quickly. But not many people seem to complain about that so maybe im alone on that one.

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Sprinting isn't fine the way it is now. Because basically, you have so much of it that it becomes the standard movement speed. Even though you're performing an extra action (pressing the sprint button) the majority of your time is spent using sprint to get from point A to point B.

Sprinting should be a quick burst of speed to get ahead just as you need to. It shouldn't be used constantly.

And I agree completely with RypeL about vehicle sprint. That should be nerfed to hell. It should be renamed to "boosting" and only last a total of 2 seconds and have to recharge for 5 seconds. What's the point of having a base speed when everyone just constantly sprints?

It's also a bad design choice because these maps aren't Battlefield maps. You're allowing players to move way too quickly around the map, and that changes up the gameplay a lot. Battlefield maps are excessively large, which is why the long sprints are beneficial. But here, you can get from your base to the enemy base in like 5 seconds. You don't need a lot of sprinting. Especially since it dramatically impacts the gunplay.

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I'm unsure how I feel about the beta3 assault rifle. I can't get a good feel for it. With the beta2 assault rifle, I felt very confident in my time to kill being consistent. In beta3, my time to kill varies wildly. The projectiles just feel strange to me. Maybe this is what you devs mean by tweaking it.

I can't say which version's assault rifle was stronger because of the hitbox changes. I just know I preferred using the beta2 version.

What bothers me more then inf sprinting is vehicle sprint.

I agree that vehicle sprint doesn't make sense. Holding down shift is just annoying.

The autorifle in this game is very useful, and there are times where I wish it was an optional sidearm (as the carbine nerf means that I rarely see people using it anymore).

The carbine is one of the best weapons in the game right now. I would even say it's too good for the price. I've seen plenty of players using them this patch.

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  • 2 weeks later...
I'm pretty new to the game, but I find it really hard it to aim with the auto-rifle, it feels like I'm using a nerf gun. The movement of the characters of the game are hard to get used too.

That is just the game. Some weapons you have to really over-move the gun and sweep quickly across enemies with it. And if you are ads and aiming for the head, you need to fire streams and not full auto because of the recoil compared to the movements of units.

The autorifle is actually stronger than original Ren though. By leaps. They do really acceptable damage against mrls/arty, against infantry with and without headshots (old ren was even harder to headshot because of the weapon and the hitboxes), and in general the costing units were leaps and bounds stronger.

Then again, all the free weapons are much stronger. The flamethrower, the grenadier, the shotties, and especially the marksman which are added and not from original but are acceptable to use to eventually get rid of snipers (not on the first try mind you, but nothing got rid of snipers except snipers in Ren). Engineers are about the same, but they are a utility class you cannot live without which makes them already-powerful, as well as the fact the carbine also buffs them as well as techs.

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