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  1. Refer to https://www.ea.com/games/command-and-conquer/command-and-conquer-remastered#teaser-1 for multiple types of official gore in HD and think about implementation in Ren-X
  2. Return to Armory to revive dead squad members?
  3. pp: 2nd floor is raised ref: much cooler than current ren(x) model in my opinion bar: no front sandbag area, flagpole moved to side silo: pretty much the same helipad: does not exist in ren(x) wf: right part is smaller, plus other tweaks gt: made of concrete instead of wood
  4. It would be great if Ren-X can match models with RTS version.
  5. That's why I always ask @yosh56 to implement high resolution support. 20 years later people will play Ren-X in 32K so it would be great to make Ren-X future proof.
  6. Thanks! I was super busy for a while. When my gaming computer is fully assembled I will definitely come back!
  7. i9-9900K is not attractive to me. I am waiting to see how well 7nm or 10nm CPU does.
  8. I stopped using 4K and upgraded to 5K (5120 * 2880) in 2015. GTX 980 Ti can do 40-60 FPS in 5K @ Ultra preset. However GTX 1080 Ti can only do around 20 FPS in 8K @ Ultra preset.
  9. Click on my screenshots repeatedly to see the full 8K version. Last time when I tested, GTX 1080 Ti and 32-bit Renegade-X can barely do 20 FPS, which was totally not acceptable. 40-50 FPS is already good enough for me. Most of the UI elements are scaled to 8K properly in the current version. Console, unit status bar and text, scoreboard are not scaled yet. (Try to read these from my screenshots without 10x zooming. Can you see the enemy HP bar in the second one?) I heard that scoreboard is being reworked. Hopefully unit status bar and text will be the next priority.
  10. Can't wait for the new patch. Happy new year 2018!
  11. I don't know what happened but the price of Dell UP3218K went straight downhill, so I already bought one. GTX 980 Ti cannot handle 8K UHD at all due to lack of DP 1.4 ports. I have no choice but to change to GTX 1080 Ti. By the way, GT 1030 can output 8K according to nVidia official website, but no manufacturer produced any GT 1030 card with two DP 1.4 ports. The framerate is acceptable (way from smooth, but still playable) with 8K resolution + ultra preset in Ren-X. Starting with Beta 4, Ren-X stopped supporting multi GPUs. I guess a single GTX 1180 Ti (2080 Ti?) can run Ren-X in 8K + ultra with nearly 60 FPS. @yosh56 The reticle of Mammoth Tank main gun is not scaling with resolution in 5.292, please check my screenshots. Other reticles work well. *Please download screenshot to local computer and open with some image viewer that can zoom to 100%. The screenshots are 16 times the size of a 1080P monitor.
  12. When I see @yosh56 I'll always stick to him, otherwise I can't play without team stacking.
  13. You mean Tiberium Control Node?
  14. can't even disarm solo ion... FU LOSER TEAM
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