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Repair CR Upgrade


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Repairing a building should receive 150% of the damage that's been done. Artillery can easily CR camp and get their team a full flame rush in minutes. Here's my idea.

Let's say the Artillery has done 10% damage to the barracks and gains 100 points doing so.

The GDI engineer should receive 150 points for repairing that 10%.

Here's the awesome part.

The more the building has been damaged, the more points the engineer receives.

If the building was at 20% then the engineer should receive an major point increase per percentage repaired.

100% building health = 120% repair CR payback.

50% (yellow) = 200% more CR for repairing

20% (red) = 300% more CR

These values aren't perfect but it's just a start. Doing this would balance out play as the team that's being damage is usually team that's "losing" at that point. By providing more CR to that team would bring them back into the fight rather than just having to wait an extra 5 minutes for the engineers to eventually realize they can't win and stop repairing. This also motivates players to repair buildings which leads to cute cuddling near the main control terminal :)

Please reply to this thread on what you think. Agree, disagree?

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I think they should be rewarded for repairing, but the way you suggest seems like it might be a bit overkill. Leet's say your building has been damaged to 50% by an artillery. He gains 500 points. If the engineer repairing it gains back 150% of those points, he gains 1000 points, right? And adding in the extra 50%, since it's at 50% health(and my math may be wrong), tht's about 1500 points right there, which is almost enough for a Mammoth. And that can be exploited. The defending team lets the enemy team attack, it's engineers earn a butt-ton of money, then rush right back out with a big ole Mammoth wall to steam-roll the enemy team. Tl;DR, your system is overkill.

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Protip: Posting "Bump." as your sole reply is a good way to establish yourself as a shitposter.

With that said, I can't say whether or not this would be a good idea. I do think that the advantage should be with the defender, and they should get slightly more points than the attacker, but I'm not knowledgeable about the game's balance to say to what extent. 1:1.5 does seem really overkill, though.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

I'm with Gozy on this one, but I have to ask why the hell defender should ever get more of an advantage than they already have o.O?

Repairing already gives more points than it did in vanilla Ren IIRC. I think it was 50% of the points for repairing the same damage that the attacker dealt. RenX is more like 66%+.

This is the worst idea ever for AOW. People already repair, at least those that have noticed that you actually need buildings to do things in this game. If anything, we already have enough instances of too many engine, not enough people actually eliminating threats.

Defender already has enough advantages, and the team actively attempting to win shouldn't be punished because somebody is out grabbing a beer while they afk repair the MCT. Repairing should be what keeps you from losing, but in no way is it what should win you the game. If that were the case, there'd be no point whatsoever to sieges, and we'd just have an even greater stalemate problem than there already is.

If anything decrease points for repping buildings, and slightly increase points for repping vehicles.

Seriously though, with the onset of EMP Nades and AT mines, I see camping becoming 1000x more effective than attacking, even against a skilled team of attacking.

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I think you are the right track. However i feel this is a product of a broader issue: the damage/repair stalemate that occurs when a team is being beaten into submission and needs 5 people to stand in a building and hold down left mouse. Not to mention the attackers also sit in the field and hold left mouse.

It sounds good in theory: an engineer getting more credits so they can mount a counter attack. However, given the circumstances, the engineer will likely be glued to repairing until some break in the stalemate occurs.

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5 Flamers rush the barracks, 5 hotwires keep it topped at 100%, 4 hotwires would not be able to.

So on a map like islands, 15v15, If ofcourse the vehicle limit allows it, 5 flamers for ref, WF and bar would leave a stalemate with 15 hotwires repairing them all at once. The flamers however, could be positioned well, to switch between ref/WF or ref/Bar, in essence increasing pressure on a single building.

1 building gets destroyed, hotwires move to the other 2 and continue the repairs. Up untill the flamers kill a 2nd building, all 15 hotwires are in the last building repairing.

Point being, it's hard for the defending team to stop repairing and instead killing the assaulting flamers, without losing a building.

This epic island match I talked about in another post, Nod went to GDI with 6 flamers, 1 got destroyed on the way over, so 5 were left to torch the baracks. Yet, it didn't went down ... after asking how many people were repairing, it was said "about 5 hotwires or so"

Due to the length of time before the flamers got killed, GDI had the chance to kill a 2nd Nod building, leaving with the Bar v Hon stalemate.

Yes I agree, poor defending Nod-side as there were only 6 people attacking, 14 people should have been defending -sigh-

It is a lot easier said than done, how to play this game

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Well ... maybe not everything should have a solution right ? I mean , why the fuck should a team that has no tanks and only hotwires repairing be able to hold off and destroy a 6 flamers rush anyways ?Its their fault they let guard down in the first place ,isnt it ?

Besides , have you even thought this through ... according to ur proposal i could repair all game and get MVP or make my team win (in a limited time game) and the enemy who planned attack and team-worked loses ?

Its just that you are trying to find a textbook solution for every single scenario that is just wrong . The attack has the upper hand ,so what ? let them win , the game has to end somehow .This isn't a math equation man , its not like 6 flamers = 5 hotties + 1 med ... Its a fuckin game where one team loses and the other wins.

Instead of spending time thinking about such scenarios and solutions , spend more time learning how to play and how to teamwork . That's what this game is about , numbers such as damage points and repair points can go to hell (ofc the balancing is important but ... ).

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