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Server Crate Probabilities


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I've altered the values in UDKRenegadeX.ini to the following:


But now all I get are money crates. What's wrong with my values? And while we're on this subject, how can I increase the random range of the money crate? I'd like for it to range between $100-$1000.

In case you can't tell, I'm a big fan of crates. I think they can really turn a game for those players that take advantage of them.

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As the games code states, any crate picked up in the first five minutes of the game will always be either a Regen crate or a money crate.

Other possibilities open after the five minute period.

Ah really... thats a thing now? What disappointing news... I remember playing Jelly and having to deal with an early Sakura... sure, its completely one sided but who cares, it leads to hilarious situations.

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I'm quite sure that i read the same code in Open Beta 1, at least this is what happens:

1) Player picks up crate

2) Game checks if WorldInfo.GRI.ElapsedTime > 300

a) If so, there is a 75% chance of a money crate, otherwise refill crate (return 1 or 5)

b) If its over 300 seconds...

3) Do some fancy stuff regarding spy crate dynamic possibilities (Seems that for every extra second that goes by on a map over 5 minutes, the spy crate is 0.00010% more likely to appear, up to a max of 0.20)

4) Loop around all crates, log some stuff to console/server log

5) Loop around again and return a randomized (based on the weight) crate pickup possibility.

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Ah, very cool, thanks for that info. Is there someplace this can be modified? Or is this compiled into the mod?

After 5 minutes, the crates do seem to work per the behavior I specified, except I do still occasionally get a death crate, even though it's set to 0. Strange.

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No problem,

It seems to be hard-coded in, there are no statements around the code to allow for changing the behaviour of these.

Also there is no check for 'If crateSpawnPossibility == 0 then skip' in the code, which could suggest why you sometimes get death crates.

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