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Equalize the glass in the Nod and GDI bases.


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One thing I find kind of ridiculous from a game design perspective is why the glass windows in the Hand of Nod are so easy to break, when the giant plate glass window in the Weapons Factory (between the vehicle bay and the MCT area) is completely unbreakable. From a design perspective, I think this is the best solution:

- Change the glass in the Hand of Nod to break and repair with the rest of the building. At 95%, the windows crack, and at 90%, they shatter entirely. This would make the Hand less ridiculous to defend (forcing an Engineer rush to either expend one C4 to open the windows up or defuse the mines) and would make maps like Walls_Flying less of a "who can rush C4 first" speedrun.

- Change the glass in the WF to act the same way. At 95%, it becomes visibly cracked, and at 90% it breaks entirely, allowing Engineers and SBH to go through.

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I do think the glass in the Hand of Nod needs to be made of sterner stuff. A little silly for it to break just because someone bumped it. I did notice that the glass in the HON is pre-broken: if you look at the reflections just right, you'll see dark shatter lines.

Kane, this is not how you do stained glass windows.

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Glass in Hand of Nod was a quick / temp solution to give the players the ability to "shoot the windows out".

Missing the windows, player missed shooting them out at the start of the matches.

As for the WF glass. Actually the player would never really see it "gone". In the end, it should have shutters that close during vehicle construction, thus shutters that close upon death.

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I disagree completely OP.

Making the glass breakable in the Weapons Factory would be a buff towards Nod,because another entry will force GDI to spread their mines thin.

Compare disarming a beacon near the hand to disarming a beacon near the warfactory,the windows in the hand make accessing a beacon around the structure easy and quick,GDI has to deal with the building being HUGE which adds to travel time around the building perimeter,not only that,the the beacon placer is usually a stealth black hand ready to ambush a poorly armed engineer.

The airstrip's one entrance,one exit makes it the easiest to mine.

GDI's bigger buildings provide more locations to hide a beacon.

The windows in the hand of nod only provide a one way exit,making it easier to jump to lower levels and disarm any beacons. There is no way to compare the garage window with the hand of nod windows.

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The HoN broken glass is a cultural thing. At the start of every game in the original game, somebody would run through and shoot the glass away.

As for whether it gives an advantage, the answer is no. It did in the original game, but they changed it so that vehicles literally do no damage if you shoot the inside of the building.

It use to be a good strategy to have a team member walk up to a building's doors and keep them open so the arty/MRLS could shoot inside and do damage to both the building and the repairers. Now shooting inside is more of a hamper with no building damage and smaller splash areas.

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