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Aircraft bug- vibration


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Whenever i get inside and ORCA or an Apache, it begins to shake from side to side wildly. I also see the shaking when other players get close to me, however, from a distance their movement seems normal. This movement makes playing these vehicles impossible. Please help- the ORCA is one of the reasons I got this game- love everything else though!

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Yes- ive seen that- it looks like nothing more than lag- lowering my settings helped a lot.

The gyrating happens in offline aswell.

I'm signing under this one to. Experienced same issue. Also witnessed other players having that problem on servers.

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I've also noticed the Orcas and Apaches getting wibbly wobbly from time to time. It was really distracting.

They're not the only vehicles I've noticed this on, however. Any of the ground vehicles with (what I assume) are jiggle bones will do this too. The GDI MRLS and Mammoth Tank's antennae, primarily, will do this bizarre "on-off switch" dance when rolling off of the production line before finally settling down.

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Trev-MUN is right. Antennas are like wild dancing.

I notice 3 maps which this problem:



and Messa II.

But in Messa are only a view places where the infantery is vibrating.

It most be a very annoying bug on this maps, because in walls there isn't any vibrating.

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