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We did it!


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Very, very exciting indeed. After playing the beta for a bit, I've seen the light (Mostly of the obelisk as it strikes me down.) and realized how amazing this game really is.

As a longtime Renegade player, and Renegade being THE game that got me into multiplayer gaming, and indirectly, the hosting business, this amazing remake holds a very special place in my heart. Almost as special as the original.

I am happy to play this, I am happy to be a beta tester, and I'm happy to post this right now.

I just want to say: THANK YOU, good work, and keep 'em coming.

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Lost hope in ever seeing renegade a few years ago. I will be downloading and playing this religiously once its released. I hope the medium tank handles just like the old one... remember those nights back in high school demolishing bases one shot around the terrain at a time.

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Followig this game since it went public ...

never found anything close to renegade :(

this looks so fun!!!

can not wait ... and seeing some familiar warrior names from da good ol' renegade times makes me even more happy to play it again!

btw, german news to add: http://www.pcgames.de/Command-und-Conqu ... r-1105940/

May DaDeth be with you ;)

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Are these errors that we see in the videos in the game will continue even after the opening of the beta? :(

Sorry for my bad English :P

I watched about half an hour of footage (most on Island and Mesa) and the only obvious glitches I saw were the player getting stuck in the terrain. For a fan-propelled project of these proportions the beta actually looks incredibly smooth and polished.

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There were passenger not seeing vehicle health, beacon linger after disarm and yes it was disarmed and didn't kill bar but it looked like it still would, passengers hang below the Chinook model, and changing a sidearm, class, and sidearm again cleared the class...

small overlooks, even if not fixed they have no potential to decide a game outcome.

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