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  1. Sorry for the late reply, I looked into my video library and couldn't find any video with it (could be deleted because of computer change or not recorded). I took refill crates and client lag into consideration but there is no crate spawn and for client lag wouldnt helped him because that guy infront of me got him down to like 50% and then he got killed by him, and from there he took more damage from me and suddenly got full hp. That was something I haven't seen since I began to play Renegade X and Im sure that It happened before but not that obvious infront of players. The problem was In that time i haven't used discord and reported that guy directly to a CT admin without hearing from him back. I think all admins of those servers have accounts here on this website, why not making a player complaint board stating on which server it happened and then they trying to solve/checking it out. I know it could also end up into a crying topic where people begin to report every second player that makes headshots (we had already enough ingame conversations about that), but in that way not everything that also could hint that some players use tools to cheat or abuse something get ignored/overlooked.
  2. There is a difference in taking a report seriously or just ignoring it in a advantage for a player that have "higher friends". 1. For example you can call mods ingame and write an explanation to it for a player that was clearly cheating, do you think admins are going to review the situation and make a decision? All I saw it got Ignored. That player killed a lgc as a patch almost died and while fighting against me he just stopped moving for 2 sec while i was shooting him and suddenly full HP and armor. Totally legit. 2. Or random kicks you get because people are pissed that youre good at sniping. Admins just let that happen because idk they dont care if some pissed people take your fun from gaming. 3. Or the best one yet: Cyberbullying 8 days straight by a guy everyday under a new name and sometimes with "friends" or other people they begin to convince to troll/hate on you via Flaming/Blocking/Kicking/Shooting/Smoking you with grenade. And the admins did nothing. Only changing the nickname stopped that. Funnily enough all this Cyberbullying started with a guy that was admin friendly or close friends by trolling and later abusing teleporters on crashside. and all the admins did was speaking with him in discord about that abuse. and ok the abuse of teh teleporters stop, not the constant bullshit he did every day. And sorry people should play this game because? no admins try to help I mean you guys dont even have a sub forum for reporting players. So in the end youre here to play and getting taken away the fun on playing after some virgin no-lifers troll you and have fun doing that because they never got any attention in life and admins support those people by doing nothing about that? But sorry better ignore this in favor for you.
  3. To be honest I give you right with that, but it shows what low populated servers need, and also what also makes it interesting for players. Lets begin with the part when its a full server and why players still vote for field: Pros: - Its a easy and simple map (also very good for new players) - No team have already lost when the field is conquert (like epic comebacks with rocket or gunner rushes and unexpected wins by the baselocked team) - Many players at one place meaning the is also a big chance people can react to a damage building fast in order to repair it - Buildings not far apart of each other - Long games also fun for players (yeah I love to chase the opportunity to get heroric) - Good coverage with AGT and Obelisk (witch evens weaker teams more out and helps them to defend their buildings) until better players come on your team? Cons: - Like I already said long game witch can last for hours and sadly not everybody have so much time on hand. - Killing harv in the first 2 mins can actually - Its actually overplayed and I understand when people want also to see other maps (but pls not forest it sux) - often artys and mlrs camping tunns - ion/nuke spam in tunnels - Commanders with rushes play a very big role when it comes to tunnel rushes. - Its very crowded and sometimes chaotic And now the arguments why field is very good for low player servers: For example imagine you play a big map with a few players lets say 10 so 5 players each team, It would end in one team dominate the other and buildings will blow up witch frustrates the one loosing team by that and that will cause them to leave, what in other hands shows why mostly field is needed to fill up the servers. This could be fixed by making a script witch gives buildings more AP or HP and impossible to kill that fast in order to give that team that is attacked much time to react to it by defending and repping. And should turn to the standart hp/ap value when there is a specific amount of players on the server. or a system that have a player minimum before buildings can be damaged for example: before the server population reaches 24 players it is not possible to destroy any buildings. Those 2 ideas would replicate what field actually does and would help to make Renegade X more fun for low populated servers without frustrating players too much and get servers faster going with players. (throughout the early mornings) feel free to comment.
  4. And just for all the Field map haters: Both servers had them on thats why they filled up.
  5. scrin-124678

    PC CoolAid

    *play scrin-124678 card to deactivate Coolaid`s cards abillitys and replace them by "calling other players dog" and "starring at camp defence tactics" ...
  6. From expirience I can say that happened to me many times when I played Renegade X with my older Computer with an AMD FX-8300 CPU. It happened mainly when I suddenly got an FPS drop and pressed a Key to move and then no other after that.
  7. yeah, respecting players begins with not blocking their MLRS with an orca .. @FullThrownMagic.
  8. just wait like 10-20 mins, or restart the download, its sadly a common issue
  9. All I see in this topic is crying around that somebody is good at playing with inf and calling him a cheater. (already saw this everyday the last weeks). Funny enough those ppl calling others cheaters are newbies that normally have not much expirience, but enough to know whos cheating? And second, why not talk about those newbies acusing players of cheating and then trolling them by calling them out in chat, starting vote kicks, blocking them, and pushing them around with a vehicle? (Oh and I forgot you also get stalked by them). Sorry but the only thing I see is you guys are trying to ruin the gaming expirience of players that are more than 6 years and + in this community by joining a community and thinking to have to change some players who you dont like by trolling them, because youre sure they cheat ...
  10. To be honest, sadly you died so fast, wished to see more .. Sounded almost like if we would stand in a bottle factory
  11. That means I cant get horny ? Yay! means we only need Orca Carryall and we can take it to next level
  12. Hopefully Firestorm will have drivable harvesters, than we can go harv bully with them Just found that video of myself lol
  13. 1) Under 2) Field 3) Walls 4) Tomb 5) Lakeside
  14. I installed the game many times and I noticed there are more then 1 server, IDK anymore which one from witch country was the slow one and the fast one but breaking up the install and starting it over to let it choose a other server worked allways for me. And about applying doing it with a HDD was extremly slow it took hours for me, with a SSD its way faster it takes about 10/20 mins.
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