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Will the bots ever get an update?


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I know you guys are working on the new game, that's the main focus. So, I'm worried that Renegade X will stop receiving important updates after Firestorm is launched, and that the bots will remain as stupid as they are now in Renegade X. The bots currently (and seemingly) have no tactics, on some maps they only take direct routes and completely ignore longer paths, they get stuck, they aren't amazing combatants or drivers, and so on. I feel like fixing some basic issues to make them fun to play against shouldn't be too hard, as in, nobody expects them to be on the level of an experienced player. They just need to be good at the most basic tasks. Right now, they just sort of mindlessly march forward.

Take a look at Enemy Territory: Quake Wars' bots. They are beatable by an experienced player, but can still offer a fun challenge. Most importantly, they simulate how real players would play the game, meaning that they have some basic tactics to follow. They are good drivers and shooters, they take longer paths as well, hunt harassers who camp, taunt, use all in-game items well, and generally try to accomplish some important objective and assist the player, all while not getting stuck all the time. Heck, UT2004/UT3 are also great examples (though the wallhacking is stupid).

Renegade X is a free game, so I really, really want to make it clear that my post is not a demand, cause I seriously appreciate what you guys have done. This is just a strong wish/suggestion of mine that I'd like to put out there, as I sometimes like to screw around with bots, especially when there are no/few players on. Plus, the game will die at some point, and it would be very cool to simulate the RenX experience alone in the future.


I'm no seasoned Renegade X player, but I think the most important  and simple three changes bots could benefit from are:

1. Don't just take direct routes to objectives, try to take longer paths

2. Never idle around, always have an objective or assist a bot with an objective

3. Change priorities accordingly if the enemy team keeps repeating their actions

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  • Totem Arts Staff

It's unlikely that bots will ever receive a major overhaul. There has been a lot of work done on them in the past. The tools given in UDK/UE3 for bot behaviours is quite limiting, the path finding really sucks and it is a very tedious thing to work on. There is a decent amount of logic put into the bots that doesn't seem to quite click, but a lot of work was put into them.

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Well, that's unfortunate that the tools for the bots are so limited in UE3. I'm happy there are bots in the first place, as opposed to no bots at all. But if at least something could be done to fix the pathing (take all routes available) before all updates to RenX end, that'd be great. I think that's the #1 issue they have now. I don't know how hard it would be to fix that, since I never used UE3. Anyway, I think before all updates end, the bots deserve a bit more love, since they'll be the only ones left to play against after everyone moves on.

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