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Is Firestorm killing RenegadeX?


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I don't see how that could be the case, seeing as we only test on weekends and there aren't THAT many testers, not even all of them being RenX players. RenX hasn't really had a growing player base in several years, discounting some specific bursts of interest that happen from time to time.

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I have been witnessing some low population days lately.    Yesterday I was shocked to find only  4 players online at 5pm est.   

I imagine that players are off playing FS.    maybe that's not the case..... and  I accept your witness  Nodsaibot.    I did not know the testing was only weekends.....  ty for saying.


I thought we had a nice growth a few months ago.     But I just go by how many times a player asks newb questions and how active the servers seem to be....


> Mark me Despondant.

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