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Renegade X: Patch 5.71.534 - Patch Notes


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"Welcome back, Commander!"

Patch 5.71.534 brings several bug fixes, map fixes and more.




| Bug Fixes / Changes |

  • Hovercraft
    • Added veterancy bonuses
    • Added lock-on to missiles
    • Added passenger seats
  • Fixed erroneous refilling while repurchasing already owned character class
  • Cruise Missile and EMP Bomb now explode when colliding with vehicles
  • Removed Cruise Missile damage on buildings
  • Fixed headshot burn damage being extended while hitting the body
  • Fixed vote kick selection


| User Interface |

  • Fixed an issue where neutral or dead units would display on minimap
  • Fixed Main Menu being loaded twice and preventing any buttons from being clicked
  • Fixed an issue where opening Video Settings tab would crash game for high resolution/HZ displays


| Audio |

  • Fixed credit flow sound being stuck on when changing team while playing


| Maps |

  • Lakeside
    • Fixed some OOB issues
  • Reservoir
    • Fixed blocking volume at back of Nod PP
    • Fixed a spot where you could climb rocks and enter tunnel in GDI base
    • Fixed an OOB area near Nod Airstrip
  • Eyes
    • Added blocking volumes to prevent vehicles from climbing building ramps
  • Field X
    • Fixed some OOB issues
  • Goldrush
    • Fixed some OOB issues
  • Steppe
    • Fixed being able to climb a prop and hide inside the Communications Center
  • Crash Site
    • Moved Nod's Guard Tower to be easier to hit
  • Toxicity
    • Adjusted several visual aspects
    • Fixed GDI Tib Field Base2Base spot
    • Adjusted several audio aspects
    • Revamped Nod Base Gun Emplacement positions
  • Islands
    • Fixed issue of C4 being thrown from bases into ceiling of tunnel
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  • Totem Arts Staff
4 minutes ago, isupreme said:

I was so excited to see:  

Surely this means the  O button is enabled!

But sadly I tested it and failed.     :(

What does  added passenger seats mean?  .. . ..  AND!

When can we get the O button fun ?

It means the hovercraft now has more seats than just the driver.

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