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I'm new to this, tried to install it a while ago, but have struggled to get it working several times.

When I've tried installing the game initially, I only had one map and game type, I don't know what I did wrong?

Where do you find the latest patches to download? and how do you install them?

What I did manage to play was really fun, especially in the MLRS, I can't wait to play the rest, it's well worth the effort.



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Thank you.

I've managed to get the game working, but it comes up the beta version, I can only play one level and one game mode, I don't know what I'm doing wrong?
I've tried reinstalling a few times, but that's the best result I've been able to get so far?

Even after I found the full instructions the other day, installing, running the launcher and running the bat file to try getting the servers too work... but still the same results?


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