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How To Use Keybindings! [Tutorial] [Command Powers] [Console Commands]


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In today's topic, I'll be going over the complete package of setting up your keybindings for console commands, (commander) support powers, and other miscellaneous goodies.

Lets dive straight to the point, shall we?




Topic 1

How To Make Yourself Commander!

----- ⚠️ -----

It is important to note that while I em showing you how to make yourself a commander using console commands or the in-game vote menu, I will NOT be showing how to become a experience battlefield commander. If you want to know your role as a commander and like an introduction, it's best to ask in the official TA Discord or look in the wiki which I'll link here: https://wiki.totemarts.games/wiki/Commanders


Option 1

1. First things first, let's make you a commander. The first option you have is using the in-game Vote Menu which has features that are easy and quick to access. To open the Vote Menu, on your keyboard press CRTL + V.


2. Once open, on the left side of your screen you should see the Vote Menu. You should see a list of options that range from restarting the map to voting a commander. The one we want to use is the Vote Commander option so on your keyboard press 9.


Image from in-game Renegade X


3. From there it will ask you to Elect or Impeach, you want to press 1 on your keyboard to Elect yourself or someone you wish to vote in as commander.


Image from in-game Renegade X


4. Since I'm using Skirmish, it will automatically put me as a commander. If you're trying this on a server, in the bottom left, it will ask you to vote somebody in. So in this case you will type your in-game name in there (or another players name if you want them as commander).


Image from in-game Renegade X


5. Once you typed your name and pressed ENTER, a vote will appear on the middle-top of your screen telling the players in-game to vote you as commander. Ultimately if you change your mind, you can double press F2 on your keyboard and it will cancel the vote.


Image from in-game Renegade X


Option 2

6. Alternatively, the most easiest way of doing it is by using a simple command called:


/setcommander <playername>

----- ⚠️ -----

You must note: this only works if you are a administrator of the server (different for moderators) or in Skirmish. Please do not attempt this on the servers that you are not an administrator on.


7. To set yourself commander or somebody else, press F5 or / (forward slash) on your keyboard and a green and black box will open in the bottom. Type the command /setcommander then the players name and press ENTER. It will automatically skip the voting process and assign you or the player commander.


Image from in-game Renegade X




Topic 2

Setting Up Your Keybindings!


Before we begin, I'm going to give you a list of (commander) support powers and console commands that will be important for you later down the line or whenever you need a refresher. Console commands will only work if you are a administrator in a server, Skirmish, or SDK Editor of Renegade X. Some commands will work in multiplayer servers.


UDK Keybinds: https://docs.unrealengine.com/udk/Three/KeyBinds.html


Support Powers


quicksupport 0 --- Opens the menu to view your support powers.

quicksupport 1 --- Radar Scan/Spy Plane

quicksupport 2 --- Smoke Screen

quicksupport 3 --- EMP Strike

quicksupport 4 --- Cruise Missile

quicksupport 5 --- Defensive Initiative/Unity Through Peace (Defensive Buff)

quicksupport 6 --- Offensive Initiative/Peace Through Power (Offensive Buff)


Console Commands


god --- Unable to take damage from anything; an invincible beast.

fly --- Able to fly around, but can still take damage if you're not in god mode; can't go through objects.

ghost --- Able to fly around and not take damage; able to go through objects.

walk --- Disables fly/ghost mode, and can walk normally on ground again.

givecredits {amount} --- Give yourself a certain amount of credits to purchase characters or items from the Purchase Menu.

Example: givecredits 10000

givecp {amount} --- Gives your team a certain amount of CP to use for (commander) support powers.

Example: givecp 3000

givevp {amount} --- Give yourself a certain amount of VP to rank up to Veteran, Elite, or Heroic.

Example: givevp 300

givepromotion --- Give yourself a promotion to go to the next rank.

giveweapon <weaponname> --- Give yourself a specific weapon of any class.

Example: giveweapon RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_FlameThrower

allammo --- Refills your ammo when you go out; infinite ammo.

allweapons --- Gives you all the weapons from every class.

setspeed {amount} --- Changes your movement speed (default is 1).

Example: setspeed 10

setgravity {amount} --- Changes the world gravity (default is 0).

Example: setgravity 1

summon <objectname> --- Summon a vehicle/object into the world of any class.

Example: summon RenX_Game.TS_Vehicle_Titan

togglehud --- Disables the HUD, but can still see your weapon in hand. Type it again to go back to normal.

togglescreenshotmode --- Disables the HUD and weapon in hand. Type it again to go back to normal.

slomo {amount} --- Changes the time/tick scale. Allows you to move and shoot faster the higher the number (default is 1).

Example: slomo 10

refill --- Refills your health and armor back to maximum.

startfire --- Continuously fires your weapon/vehicle without having to click.

restorebuilding <buildingname><team> --- Restores a building to full working order.

Example: restorebuilding RX_Building_Refinery_GDI 0

suicide --- Automatically kills you (whether you have godmode or not) and restarts you back to your factions base.

setbind <key> <command> Setbinds a key to perform a action/command.

Example: setbind J quicksupport 1


Vehicle List



summon <objectname> --- Summon a vehicle/object into the world of any class.

Example: summon RenX_Game.TS_Vehicle_Titan


GDI Vehicles

--- Renegade X ---

A10 Warthog: RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_A10

APC: RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_APC_GDI

Chinook: RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_Chinook_GDI

Hovercraft: RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_HoverCraft

Orca Fighter: RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_Orca

Humvee: RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_Humvee

MLRS: RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_MRLS

Medium Tank: RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_MediumTank

Mammoth Tank: RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_MammothTank

--- Tiberian Sun ---

Wolverine: RenX_Game.TSR_Vehicle_Wolverine

Titan: RenX_Game.TSR_Vehicle_Titan

Hover MRLS: RenX_Game.TSR_Vehicle_HoverMRLS


Nod Vehicles

--- Renegade X ---

M2 Bradley: RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_M2Bradley

Recon Bike: RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_ReconBike

Apache: RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_Apache

Chinook: RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_Chinook_Nod

Stealth Tank: RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_StealthTank

Light Tank: RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_LightTank

Flame Tank: RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_FlameTank

Mobile Artillery: RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_Artillery

APC: RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_APC_Nod

Buggy: RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_Buggy

MiG-35: RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_MiG35

--- Tiberian Sun ---

Buggy: RenX_Game.TSR_Vehicle_Buggy

Attack Cycle: RenX_Game.TSR_Vehicle_ReconBike

Tick Tank: RenX_Game.TSR_Vehicle_TickTank


Other Vehicles

--- Red Alert: A Path Beyond ---

Tesla Tank: RenX_Game.APB_Vehicle_TeslaTank



Weapon List



giveweapon <weaponname> --- Give yourself a specific weapon of any class.

Example: giveweapon RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_FlameThrower


Main Weaponry

(What both factions use...)

Automatic RifleRenX_Game.RX_Weapon_AutoRifle

Shotgun: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_Shotgun

Marksman Rifle: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_MarksmanRifle

Chaingun: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_Chaingun

Sniper Rifle: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_SniperRifle

Ramjet Rifle: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_RamjetRifle

Missile Launcher: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_MissileLauncher

Repair Gun: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_RepairTool

Advanced Repair Gun: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_RepairGunAdvanced

Pistol: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_Pistol_UnSILENCED

Silenced Pistol: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_Pistol

Heavy Pistol: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_HeavyPistol

Machine Pistol: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_SMG

Carbine: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_Carbine

Timed C4: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_TimedC4

Remote C4: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_RemoteC4

Proximity C4: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_ProxyC4

Anti-Tank Mine: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_AntiTankMine

Smoke Grenade: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_SmokeGrenade

EMP Grenade: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_EMPGrenade


GDI Weaponry

Flak Cannon: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_FlakCannon

Tactical Rifle: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_TacticalRifle

Grenade Launcher: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_GrenadeLauncher

Rocket Launcher: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_RocketLauncher

Personal Ion Cannon: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_PersonalIonCannon

Volt Automatic Rifle: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_VoltAutoRifle

Frag Grenade: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_Grenade


Nod Weaponry

Flamethrower: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_FlameThrower

Chemical Thrower: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_ChemicalThrower

Laser Rifle: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_LaserRifle

Laser Chaingun: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_LaserChainGun

Railgun: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_Railgun

Silenced Machine Pistol: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_SMG_Silenced

Tiberium Automatic Rifle: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_TiberiumAutoRifle

Silence Carbine: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_Carbine_Silencer

Tiberium Frag Grenade: RenX_Game.RX_Weapon_TiberiumGrenade



Building List



restorebuilding <buildingname><team> --- Restores a building to full working order.

Example: restorebuilding RX_Building_Refinery_GDI 0 or restorebuilding ref 0

0 = GDI

1 = Nod


GDI Buildings

GDI Refinery: RX_Building_Refinery_GDI 0

  • With Ramps: RX_Building_Refinery_GDI_Ramps 0
  • With Abbreviations: ref 0

GDI Power Plant: RX_Building_PowerPlant_GDI 0

  • With Ramps: RX_Building_PowerPlant_GDI_Ramps 0
  • With Abbreviations: pp 0

GDI Infantry Barracks: RX_Building_Barracks 0

  • With Ramps: RX_Building_Barracks_Ramps 0
  • With Abbreviations: bar 0

GDI Weapons Factory: RX_Building_WeaponsFactory 0

  • With Ramps: RX_Building_WeaponsFactory_Ramps 0
  • With Abbreviations: wf 0

GDI Helipad: RX_Building_Helipad_GDI 0

  • With Abbreviations: heli 0

GDI Advanced Guard Tower: RX_Building_AdvancedGuardTower 0

  • With Abbreviations: agt 0

GDI Repair Facility: RX_Building_RepairFacility_GDI 0

  • With Abbreviations: rep 0


Nod Buildings

Nod Refinery: RX_Building_Refinery_Nod 1

  • With Ramps: RX_Building_Refinery_Nod_Ramps 1
  • With Abbreviations: ref 1

Nod Power Plant: RX_Building_PowerPlant_Nod 1

  • With Ramps: RX_Building_PowerPlant_Nod_Ramps 1
  • With Abbreviations: pp 1

Nod Airstrip: RX_Building_AirTower 1

  • With Ramps: RX_Building_AirTower_Ramps 1
  • With Abbreviations: air 1

Hand of Nod: RX_Building_HandOfNod 1

  • With Ramps: RX_Building_HandOfNod_Ramps 1
  • With Abbreviations: hon 1

Nod Helipad: RX_Building_Helipad_Nod 1

  • With Abbreviations: heli 1

Nod Obelisk: RX_Building_Obelisk 1

  • With Abbreviations: ob 1

Nod Repair Facility: RX_Building_RepairFacility_Nod 1

  • With Abbreviations: rep 1



Once you memorized the commands or (commander) support powers you wish to use, let's begin on how to set them up onto a keybinding.


setbind <key> <command>

Option 1

1. The first option you have is to set up your keybindings by going in-game and pressing F5 or / (forward slash) to open the command console. The command console will be a green and black box that will appear in front of you below. For faster results, make sure you're in a game or server to test out your functions. It is also important to note that you can overwrite your keybindings. Please ensure you don't make any mistakes or overwrite your W key and complain later that you can't walk anymore.


2. Once you have the command console open, in the console you want to type setbind then the key you want to bind, and lastly the command or support power you want bind. In simpler terms, like this: setbind <key> <command>

So for example lets say I want to use the Radar Scan/Spy Plane support power and bind it to my J key, I would type setbind J quicksupport 1.


Image from in-game Renegade X

Below is a video better showing it if you're still confused. 💡


"But Jay! I want to spawn a bunch of Titans without having to type it manually at the time! How do I set that to one of my keys?"

⚠️ (Just be careful doing that as you can actually crash yourself.) ⚠️

It's simple! Allow me to show you.



3. Once you figured out how the setbind command works, lets move onto the next level of summoning your favorite GDI walker tank: the Titan! To summon a Titan, in the command console you would type summon RenX_Game.TS_Vehicle_Titan.

So lets say I want to summon Titans for my friends without having to type it manually all the time, and I want it bind to my V key. Here is what I would type: setbind V summon RenX_Game.TS_Vehicle_Titan. If you want a different vehicle, you would just type in a different line. Go back to the Vehicle List if you want to try out more.


Image from in-game Renegade X



Option 2

4. Finally getting the hang out it now, are you? Well lets move on to setting up your keybindings using the UDKInput file where all your configurations keys are located.


First locate your install directory for Renegade X. If you don't know where it is, open up your TA Launcher and click on ⚙️ Settings in the bottom right. Once you open your settings, in front of you should show you where your install directory is, and of course you can change it anytime.


Image from TA Launcher


5. Once you found your install directory double click on the UDKGame folder, then Config, and scroll down until you find UDKInput. Double click to open it and Notepad should open up.



6. Once you double clicked UDKInput and see Notepad open, scroll down until you find [RenX_Game.Rx_PlayerInput].



7. If you scroll down further, you're going to see a bunch of Bindings= the further you go and go. Mainly, you want to find the bind you set your key to. In this case, it be easier to find the key such as ThumbMouseButton, J, V, or any key you set to. For me, mine are found way in the bottom above [RenX_Game.Rx_AuthenticationClient].


As you can see, mine are already set because I did them in-game.


If for any reason your keybindings are not working in-game when you type them into the console, you always have the option to use the UDKInput if things don't go your way. Renegade X or UDK can be a bit finicky sometimes when doing commands in-game so it's always good to remember these sort of options.



As this tutorial comes to an end, I want to thank you for taking your time reading through this big ol' piece of information that might be useful to you now or one day. However you use this inforamtion, please use it responsibly.

----- ⚠️ -----

I em NOT responsible if you overwrite your existing keybindings! Please take caution and read through the information carefully! Put on your glasses (if you use them, that is) too!




If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to comment below or on TA's Official Discord. I'll do my best to answer any questions you have. If any of the commands get changed in the future, I'll be sure to update this forum post.

With that being said, I'll see you in the battlefield... Commander.

- Jay

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QuickSupport is good.
You can also daisy-chain that into fully executing the ability with a single button-press or some other personalized way.

For example:

SetBind V "QuickSupport 5 | onrelease Spotting"
SetBind B "QuickSupport 6 | onrelease Spotting"
SetBind G "QuickSupport 1 | onrelease Spotting"
SetBind H "QuickSupport 2 | onrelease Spotting"
SetBind J "QuickSupport 3 | Spotting | OnRelease ReportSpotted"
SetBind K "QuickSupport 4 | Spotting | OnRelease ReportSpotted"

Here I have EMP and Cruise firing immediately after pressing and holding J and K.
But if I quick-press, it will only give me the target reticule and I can execute manually with Q.

Radar, smoke and buffs will only fire once I release their buttons V, B, G and H.
So with a quick-press they will execute right away, thus aiming must have been done beforehand.
But if I keep holding the button, that will postpone its execution, which I can also still cancel out of with E.

Another setup that I'll be experimenting with is using the SHIFT button together with the numericals.

For this, you do have to go into the UDKInput.ini file because of the SHIFT addition:

Bindings=(Name="one",Command="QuickSupport 1 | onrelease Spotting",Control=False,Shift=TRUE,Alt=False,bIgnoreCtrl=False,bIgnoreShift=False,bIgnoreAlt=False)
Bindings=(Name="two",Command="QuickSupport 2 | onrelease Spotting",Control=False,Shift=TRUE,Alt=False,bIgnoreCtrl=False,bIgnoreShift=False,bIgnoreAlt=False)
Bindings=(Name="three",Command="QuickSupport 3 | Spotting | OnRelease ReportSpotted",Control=False,Shift=TRUE,Alt=False,bIgnoreCtrl=False,bIgnoreShift=False,bIgnoreAlt=False)
Bindings=(Name="four",Command="QuickSupport 4 | Spotting | OnRelease ReportSpotted",Control=False,Shift=TRUE,Alt=False,bIgnoreCtrl=False,bIgnoreShift=False,bIgnoreAlt=False)
Bindings=(Name="five",Command="QuickSupport 5 | onrelease Spotting",Control=False,Shift=TRUE,Alt=False,bIgnoreCtrl=False,bIgnoreShift=False,bIgnoreAlt=False)
Bindings=(Name="six",Command="QuickSupport 6 | onrelease Spotting",Control=False,Shift=TRUE,Alt=False,bIgnoreCtrl=False,bIgnoreShift=False,bIgnoreAlt=False)

Same execution as the other setup, but now bound to SHIFT+1, SHIFT+2, SHIFT+3, SHIFT+4, SHIFT+5, SHIFT+6.
Benefit being that you can keep some fingers on WSAD and you can very easily use commander stuff while sprinting.
Drawback also being that I wouldn't recommend switching weapons 1-6 while sprinting.

Thanks for kicking off the topic, RealLegendaryJ.

Perhaps once there is consensus for a certain setup, something could get implemented officially one day.

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