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Renegade X: Patch 5.63.282 Patch Notes


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"Welcome Back, Commander!"

Patch 5.63.282 fixes several issues that have popped up within the last few months, along with several patches to maps to ensure equal footing for both factions.




| Changes |

  • Added potential sound bug fix submitted by community member
  • Particle fields (EMPs) should now always be visible
  • Proxy Mines can no longer be stuck onto infantry
  • Repair Gun can no longer reload
  • ADS/Un-ADSing should no longer change speed permanently
  • Fixed being able to Q spot yourself to teammates (requesting repairs on self)
  • Change Map admin command will no longer crash server by inputting non-existent map
  • You now move slower when walking up/down slopes
  • Fixed several out of bounds inconsistencies
  • Fixed an issue with bot's dead characters spamming logs
  • Refineries should no longer get bugged when harvester is destroyed while depositing credits
  • Grenades from crates now remove themselves from your inventory upon use
  • Weapons
    • Now fire when you press and hold down fire button while equipping
    • No longer be able to cancel out to reload state if it's being equipped
  • Spectating
    • Removed sprinting
    • Scrolling now changes the camera move speed


| UI / Visual |

  • Added team silo icon to scoreboard
  • Added option for mappers to add a location when Q-spotting defenses
  • Texture alignment issue on Nod Obelisk fixed


| Maps |

  • Toxicity
    • Mine limit increased
    • Removed 3 gun turrets and 1 guard tower from both bases
    • Added Advanced Defenses
    • New minimap
    • Harvester dump times synced
    • Infiltration routes adjusted
    • Tick rate tuned down slightly
    • Harvester dump amount reduced
  • X Mountain
    • Added to rotation (was accidentally removed)
    • Enabled strafing on ladders
  • Oasis
    • Crate vehicles will no longer spawn glitched into the landscape
  • Cliffside
    • Lowered landscape level of outer path near Tib field
    • Lowered landscape level of both vehicle perches outside both bases on beach side
    • Added invisible walls near the sea-mines at all three coastal points
  • Reservoir
    • Fixed stuck spot by Barracks
    • Added wall segment to narrow gap by Hand of Nod
    • Fixed background water missing
  • Uphill
    • Removed some unused assets
  • Desolation
    • Fixed LODs on some assets on Nod infantry path
  • Arctic Stronghold
    • Added some vehicle blocking volumes to prevent some cheese spots
    • Synced harvesters
  • Eyes
    • Added some blocking volumes to block bugged spots
  • Crash Site
    • Added some additional map geometry near abandoned WF and long-path for Nod base
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Various players encounter random connection disconnects/issues, as so do I... as we all do mainly play on the [CT] Marathon Server, this issue happens mostly there of course.


Before that update, we were able to spam Explosives, especially as Engineer and Hotty/Techy. Now we need to manually switch from an empty C4 slot to a filled C4 slot which sux. It shows filled C4 slot is above, but we have to scroll down... as it is a display bug.

Even scrolling through weapons by using the mouse wheel seems harder now as it wont usually respond as it should, which also sux.

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