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What if reps were able to rep enemy units and buildings?


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As I remember, this was possible in original Renegade.

It can make matches more realistic and can add some cases which some team members can betray their own team and defect to the enemy team, reping their stuff until they can change their team completely.

It also has some bad results, I'm not a game expert but in reverse maybe we should turn friendly fire on to have some conceptual balance. It won't result nice specially when a mrls is looking for sbh near itself and it can kill its own loyal rep :) 

Anyway I don't say it's good or bad, I will be glad to hear your opinions on this. What more bad results or good results can we get from the reps being able to rep enemy?


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I think it would be fine in a more competitive, team-based small group environment to have that kind of mechanic. But as it is we don't want defectors. There's enough trouble already with people harming their own teams with different bugs and exploits. Renegade X just doesn't have enough teamwork in general games for that to work well, I think. Friendly fire is the same way. Makes a lot of sense in something like ARMA, but Renegade X is too chaotic.

Would be cool as a mutator if people would play it for fun.

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same over here roweboat  i would love to have this back in because it was like this in original afther all when ya used it on an enemy player/building ya would lose points tho maybe do the same for regenagde x with some tweaks. the main fire will heal everything. the 2nd fire(right mouse click?) can damage neutral/enemy's deals minor damage to vehicle's, infantry and buildings


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