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Renegade X: Patch 5.592.238 Notes


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  • Totem Arts Staff




"Welcome Back, Commander"

With the winter season coming to a close, our seasonal maps are now returning to their normal decor. The map Toxicity is now making its official return back into the game!



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| Bug Fixes |

  • Fixed server log spamming when breaking windows
  • Remove the feature that keeps characters alive after player disconnects
  • Fixed ability weapon swapping animation


| Quality Of Life |

  • You can no longer reload if you don't need to


| User Interface |

  • Added How To Play button on pause menu
  • Fixed bottom right HUD alignment
  • K menu location should now show correct location
  • Added a dot to the center of the screen while spectating


| Maps |

  • Goldrush
    • Addressed several stuck spots
    • Remedied unintentional attacking angles
  • Desolation
    • Optimized shadows
    • Addressed some out of map issues
  • Daybreak
    • Addressed some out of map issues
  • Toxicity
    • Added
  • Field X
    • Increased airstrike cooldown from 45 -> 65
    • Adjusted sightlines in tunnels for vehicles
  • Crash Site
    • Fixed some spots near the crashed ship
  • Arctic Stronghold
    • Fixed being able to hit WF from Nod sniper perch
  • Islands X
    • Addressed some issues


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dang it.    You give me the O button and take it away... now this...

I guess it is always the issue of making my game crash....?     sigh...


Thanks for the fun.   Control the Damn Dam! Rockets meet REF. More AT front!!!!

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  • Totem Arts Staff
10 minutes ago, V3NOM said:

why revert that cool and important feature? it was so much fun and an absolutely necessary feature that I have been missing for years.


It is completely understandable that you can develop and implement such great features for the game, after the game is in such an excellent playable state. There is no need to worry about balancing or stacking, stability and performance of clients or servers, as they are excellent and there are no issues. Also, there is no need to think about and implement any anti-cheat measures. Such a problems does not exist in this game.


Because people don't want it. While I'd love if we could make the game perfect, with the current workforce we have, if we spent all time trying to perfect RenX, FS wouldn't come out in our life times.

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On 2/9/2022 at 10:59 PM, NodSaibot said:

Will most likely be reverted in an upcoming patch.

Afaik the only reason why people complained is because this feature introduced a bug with the railgun.
The rest of the uproar seems to be autistic clinging to old routine.

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