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Crate vehicles should say that when you see them.


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How much confusion do we witness when there is a mammoth tank in nod hands?    Alot.  How often do people ask...  Where did they get that tank??

I think the game would really benefit from making crate vehicles recognizable as such.

Why not name crate vehicles as CRATE Mammy : instead of mammy, or buggy or other?

Then it would be clear to all where that vehicle came from.

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It still says whether a veh has been STOLEN or not in the Q-spot chat, assuming they don't check that it wouldn't change anything if it would say CRATE Mammy instead of Mammy as they just react on the first line of sight with the veh and instantly rant about how their teammates gifted them a tank before checking anything.

In other words, you can still see whether a veh is stolen or not, which is enough to clear thing out if you do decide to view the Q-spot chat.
Unless they are completely new, I don't see how the current system wouldn't be enough to determine whether a veh is stolen or has been found in a crate..
Just my opinion to this tho

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