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Multiples bots issues for a solo player

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I love the game very much but I'll never play multilayer because of lack of skills and lack of time to develop said skills... SO, I personally play with bots but there is some fairly big issues I seen with them and they are as follow:

-Defending technicians/hotwires often do not repair base buildings/defenses even if they are doing nothing/running around in the middle of said base. (happen like 1/10 they actually go repair stuff)

-Bots in vehicles do not seem to follow you with the Q order like at all.

-You should have a lane for vehicle bots and a lane for Harvesters, atm bots use the same lane with create stack of vehicles that I need to un-stuck sometimes (happen more on some specific maps though but can't give you the name of maps since i rly don't know them well enough)

-When attacking, bots in vehicle sometimes get stuck on a waypoint and refuse to advance even if the way is clear of all enemies.


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-Bots in vehicles do not seem to follow you with the Q order like at all.

I would like some clarification of what effects the Q button has on bots.      I have heard they respond, and I have heard you can mess them up as well.

What does  Q spotting do to the bots?

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Unfortunately, bots are not that special in many games.

I know that Handepsilon tried to improve the bots, but it's extremely difficult.

No idea whether the mappers neglected the bot routes. Usually players who only play single-player report very seldom. But it's good that you did it.

In multiplayer, this is also noticeable when teams are filled with bots. I think that one or the other active player can post nice screenshots for you. Bots do crazy things every now and then.

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Hurmm sorry isupreme, I may not have been specific enough:

Im in a vehicle, Nod light tonk, I see a friendly Bot controlled Nod buggy I hover over him and press Q and the voice go : follow me and the A.I reply with affirmative, then the bot proceed to stay in the base and roll around but don't come with me.

(I also use Q to spot enemy tanks/infantry to help me see them mainly but I dunno if that would mess up something in my friendlies A.I.. Though its hard to say if they prioritize the spot I did.. Maybe they do since im commander? and if they do I kinda hope they forget about my order on death otherwise that would explain a lot I think haha! Also totally unrelated, ho boy those commander powers are super good rofl! XP)

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