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I see from Dev Talks there are drivable harvesters in Firestorm. You'll have to buy player driven harvesters from the War Factory, so be sure to save your credits. Also I'm curious about seeing the implementation of pushing harvester players out of their starting tib fields. I suppose the easiest way is to put the more valuable all blue tiberium near commonly contested outposts. Though it'd be awesome if depleting/regenerating tib fields and explosive blue tiberium are additional features harvester players have to think about.

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I saw on the Discord explosive tiberium is not possible in UDK. Oh well. But how possible is depleting/regenerating tiberium in UDK? If it is possible, then are there plans to implement it in Firestorm X? And if it is not possible, then is one plan for pushing harvester players outside of their starting base placing blue tiberium near contestable outposts?

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