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How is GDI organized and run?


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So ..  I keep wondering who is Kane's equivalent in GDI.   This has got me wondering about how GDI is structured.

I am looking for actual game based lore as well as theoretical or even fantasy conceptions.   


Surely the military might of GDI is run by some kind of council or committee?   Could this group be infiltrated by Kane?   Does it have a figure head or maybe a nemesis to Kane?

If you opened Kane's Files on GDI what would be inside?

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That's great.   I have not seen that.  It lays it all out nicely.

So i guess in our world of RenX :   The opposing leader to Kane would be  Paul Cortez  as the Commander in chief of GDI  as decided by the Council of Directors?    BeCause it would be after Mark Jamison  with the UN Agency and the UN Secretary of Defense.?

I wonder how the Council of Directors is chosen, if as the video relates:  Individual nations have lost their identity, and GDI is the worlds largest political and military superpower.

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