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Why doesnt F9 (screenshot = "shot") work on the end game screen (score display)?


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Ty. Any known workaround like bind "shot" to a non F# key? Im surprised Im the first to complain? This is my second day playing, so still learning how to bind and whateven the commands are called.

Also pressing Win+Print screen doesnt work (in full screen mode, but with 2 monitors - one is showing native windows). So it's like the end game UI locks out all keys except vote/map related and letters? Doesnt make sense.

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Thanks. But I don't have steam. Does it take a lot of background resources or spying?

And I tried setbind KEY shot, but it doesn't work either (on Endgame screen and Chat history by pressing ` - the latter is expected. But why is windows + Print screen disabled in full screen?)

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  • Totem Arts Staff

That won't work. The scoreboard is designed to intercept ANY attempt of input key even when it's not used for the scoreboard (sadly). Printscreen *should* work though, without any other key involved.

Steam MIGHT take some resources, but there's barely any spying unless you count the whole ID saving on our end, which we really only use to track down cheaters or rule offenders ingame

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Thanks for that information. Can you tell me how to take the endgame screenshot with Steam?

2) [Edit: I forgot this is the Bug report board.] Should I post a bug report/request to not intercept ALL attempts of input keys (e.g. exclude F9 and whatever F# aren't needed to voting) for endgame? Or was this post enough?

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