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What are your favourite maps?


Which of these maps do you like?  

78 members have voted

  1. 1. Part 1 (Can only have 20 options in one poll but we have more than 20 maps)

    • Arctic Stronghold
    • Canyon
    • CliffSide
    • Complex
    • Crash SIte
    • Daybreak
    • Desolation
    • Eyes
    • Field
    • Field X
    • Forest
    • GoldRush
    • Hourglass
    • Islands
    • Islands X
    • Lakeside
    • Mesa
    • Oasis
    • Outpost
  2. 2. Part 2

    • Reservoir
    • Snow
    • Snow X
    • Steppe
    • Storm
    • Tomb
    • Toxicity
    • Tunnels
    • Under
    • Uphill
    • Valley
    • Volcano
    • Walls
    • Whiteout
    • Xmountain

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My 2 cents:
My personal opinion on this vote:
For me, this is a selection which maps should completely disappear from the game. Why:
1. 33 maps are a hell of a lot and many are rarely or not played at all, which makes the game really big.
2. The main focus is now on Firestorm where many are longingly waiting for it and where the developers have focused their main attention on it.
3. There is also another nice / good map that is not in rotation even though it is ready to play. I don't want to judge why, because maps are a matter of taste and the developers had a certain gameplay in mind.
4. I don't know how many maps are still being worked on for Ren X, but overall there are plenty of "corpse files".
The fact for me is, that Firestorm clearly has the priorities compared to Ren X on the part of the devs.

Nevertheless, I wish everyone a good vote and fun while playing. btw, I voted too :)

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artic is always 1st for me because of certain features. not the emp...

the 2nd is eyes because 3-5 are crates ya can get lucky with vehicles the 2 nasty crates is what i dislike tho.

3. is fort suprised ya forgot about it thiccccccc tank ready.. ya can place them in odd locations if ya do it right ya can even shove them un certain high mountains with a speed boost+aditional help of teamates then just deploy and there ya go a high ground thicccc tank. other  then that wish map had couple of defencive towers tho to stop infantry cheese to early like 2 machine towers near both tunnel entrances and rocket enplacement near the entrances placed right so they only attack when they enter the entrance.

4. crash site because abandoned wf the cheesyness nod can have here is nice if ya not fast enough. no air no problem cap the wf and get ya some titans and wolverines. same ofcourse for gdi kinda sucks tho not alot of defences.

5. island x because water ya can use the swimming mechanic more thats pretty much it not a fan of crate spawns all around because out of like 12-13 crates 2 can yield ya a vehicle potentionally. also if ya get a hover mrls ya gonna have alot of fun  because its floats above water consider it floats ya can already see the cheese mechanics here.

6. x mountain mostly because of the fun halloween map it becomes and ofcourrse how easy it is to base lock both factions+4 out of 7 crates can drop vehicle's.

7. was eather complex it was giant map forgot the name i like that map alot large open space takes time to go to both bases easy to getout of a baselock destroying 1-2 vehicles criples the people doing the baselock allowing ya  to break free of it instead of it easily being replaced in a couple of seconds. also very lovely crate spawns

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On 10/28/2020 at 1:15 AM, roweboat said:

I think it's a crime that Valley is on this list but Fort isn't 🤣


Walls will win

And yet Valley is on there despite the fact that it hasn't been in rotation for years. [and was the most short-lived map in RenX's history]


All in all, there will come a point where 'map packs' are likely required again thus bringing back some of the oldRen charm :P

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Complex (underrated!), Eyes, Islands, Lakeside, Lakeside NvN, Reservoir, Tomb, Under, Walls, Xmountain, C&C_City_Flying pl0x?


Uphill should be removed from official rotation, pretty unbalanced especially at Silo, feels too huge especially as infantry and also looks "barren"... And I am sick of Fields or Field X... 😅



That permanent alarm noise on Hourglass, when an enemy team has captured the Uplink, is massively annoying and blows up my brain in a negative sight. I try to avoid playing on Hourglass... If that alarm gonna appear only when AGT/Obelisk is offline, would be a whole better.

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