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Feature request (country identifier)


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Just an idea I had the other night for something to help grow community ties. Is it possible to build into a future patch or interface revision, pulling in the country information from a users Steam account and then either show a small flag sprite graphic or country letters next to their name on the scoreboard? i.e. Mystic (Eng) This would enable everyone to see where everyone else is based in the world.


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If people are prepared to list their country in Steam, I don't see how it would violate privacy anymore than they have already disclosed. Maybe it's possible to create an opt out option, but I don't know. It's not a priority request, but if the game survives new releases of the next few years it would be a welcome small addition.


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I cannot help but wonder if in today's world political environment - placing flags by players names in the game could allow for some negative situations.    

I prefer to keep the real world problems out of my virtual gaming, unlike the current situation with GTA where Hong Kong and Chinese players are acting out their real world animosity.

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