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Racism in FPI servhttps://renegade-x.com/forums/topic/77024-racism-in-fpi-server/er


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These guys are making the server a mess, arguing meaninglessly in the server.

At first, they just insulted each other and then abused the Chinese players without any reason.

My friend and I didn't say a word all the way ,these players have no respect for players of other nationalities.



11:00 P.M. GMT+8 CNC-Reservoir


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2 minutes ago, Handepsilon said:

Just asking, but did you let them know that you're offended? I know some of this guys (Cynthia, especially) and usually they're.... decent

If you can check the server's record, My friends and I just playing and without say a word all the way.

The only thing I did just killed him with sniper in C&C_Under and killed him in CNC-Reservoir with patch

The CN player ingame only me and Kirisame_Marisa

I don't know, but maybe some players pretend to be Chinese and arguing with them


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  • Totem Arts Staff

This is a server specific issue as of now. If they can't take care of it and the harassment continues, it can be made a global moderator issue. Please get in contact with one of the FPI admins, Goku, TomUjain or SaintPepe.

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