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Patch 5.381 Map: Under So GDI can't but Nod can!


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So on map Under:


  • Removed a tankblocker inside a rock near the GDI Outer Route / Base Entrance
  • Blocked off the rocks behind the GDI Refinery / Power Plant

This new patch 5.381 blocks MRLS from getting on top of rocks and shooting tunnel by GDI pp but Nod can still use an arty to shoot Nod tunnel by pp.

So GDI can't but Nod can!

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I dont like blocking off pp tunnels at all. Its like who rushes first wins. I think its punishment enough to have 1 or 2 vehicles camping there, those vehicles will be missing on the field.


I mean if that rush dont work nod can still do a rocket rush on wf, or with smoke a sbh rush behind wf and waiting for the right moment.


In fact under is ONE of the most voted maps, why wanna changing it?

Just ask yourself how many times a stalemate map like walls, under, field filled the server up instead of letting it like other maps go up to 30 then choosing a bad map where buildings blow up after 6 mins and everyone leaving depressed? imo we need more stalemate maps, I like to work to get a high level and end a match that last longer instead like other maps where you cant defend the buildings and they blow up only because you dont have a team that is exactly skilled like the other.


I like how a under map starts with 28 players, then somebody cry ´´the people are leaving´´, but they are just reconnecting because sound bug and 30 mins later the server is almost full at 60 players and all you hear is I HATE STALEMATES, and THIS IS BORING, while GDI controlled the field, then NOD, then GDI again, and thats not enough for them LMAO idk what they want more? and I was in NOD I had fun sniping then controll a tank and then trying a rush on pp, and we lost. Who cares?


I see no point in changing a map that gets voted the most (except fixes), I would change a map that gets never voted.

Try 10 vs 10 people on a map like Oasis, xMountain, or on GoldRush where the main defence cant cover hon bar and nod pp (gdi at least got there a GT instead of a useless Anti tank turret that defend their PP) and you see why the server is not full sometimes, and that happens mostly under the week.

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