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Can/Should bots be used to buffer small player count games?


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Can/Should bots be  used to buffer small player count games?

My imagination says the new bots are capable of buffering small player count teams.    

Lets say its 10 vs 10 real players.     Would 3 bots at lvl 3 act as enough buffer, but still allow player initiative to prevail?    Less ?  More?  None at all?

Too many bots clearly creates too much junk to wade thru, but could a couple of bots help prevent 

The Dreaded:   

Fast game turnover.

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I never join server games where there's a really low player count anymore so this doesn't affect me, but I suppose having a minimum of real player and then topped up with the AI-Bots could make conditions similar to a small game. Enough to prevent a single player taking a mobius or mendoza and being able to shoot away at all the MCT panels in buildings unopposed, which could be annoying if it's only a 3 v 3 for example. 

I would support some sort of special meeting map where players can just practise their skills with free spawning guns, tanks and some sort of range or real targets to be hitting and then when the server was populated beyond a certain point someone could start a vote map change to begin normal C&C mode ordinary map games.

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When numbers started flagging today we added 4 bots at level 6  (maybe 8 ) I am curious if anyone was watching and what they experienced.

It seemed to help the game as it kept active thru what would have been a slump and at times the bots repaired the buildings.... Even when we were losing it felt less like a romp and more like a battle. 

I would say they helped keep the game active when we were down to to like 7 on each side... then more players joined and we had a fine time.   Tho i note there is some strong resistance to bots.


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