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Tunnel Vison in combat situations


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I have wanted to discuss this topic for a long time.   Some because i think it happens a lot with other players in the game, and more because i  often have this situation in real and in the game.   I think it is awesome how virtual reality often reflects real.    In my own life i find myself "tunneling" and it always amazes me.  In the game i find i tend to tunnel as well.

In this Post,  Tunneling will refer to the frame of mind.  When players are intensely involved in combat it is only natural to tunnel.   I think there is a military term for this but i cannot recall it.

  It is well said in this bit i took from online:

A woman was walking through the forest when she came upon a man who was furiously sawing at a very thick tree. He was covered in sweat and looked exhausted — the man wasn’t making much progress though.

“You seem to be determined to cut through that tree, but it appears your saw blade is blunt,” the woman said. “Why don’t you take a moment to sharpen it?”

Barely looking up, the young man said, “I have to cut down this tree, and two after it, by the end of the day. I don’t have time to sharpen my saw.”

Being stuck is like cutting through a tree with a blunt saw — no matter how much you try, you won’t make any progress.

Stress and anxiety narrows our vision.

When obsessed about accomplishing a goal, we stop seeing what we are missing. Tunnel vision makes you blind to the opportunities around you. Rather than making progress, you get stuck.

Your passion and determination are not enough to get you unstuck; you need to shift your perspective. That’s how you discover new solutions.

Widening your vision is like sharpening a saw. You can overcome the obstacles with less effort.

Discussion of the effects of tunnel vision in this game could consume a library.     This is good, the game is dynamic enough to produce this effect.

But how might the game recognize this and work to pull players out of tunneling and into TEAMWORK?  

1. Audio cues.     If the game could tailor the audio sounds to include not just warnings and trouble, but  positive sounds as well,  then players might not always sense panic when announcements are made and tune them out.     When the base is healthy why not a positive sound to announce  ..   " 3 bells and all is well. "

Can we redo some RADIO shouts to be positive?   Radio commands seem due for an overhaul, since Q spotting has set in.    Can q spotting include something positive?

2. visual cues.   It is great that i can hit a button and see the health of the base buildings.. .  but..   what if that info was more prominent?   like a Heads up Display ?  ( and of course we need info on GT and silos. )

3. .. how do i say this?.....   when a player is killed and is back in base deciding what to do next....  That seems the ideal time to present them options where they can affect the flow of the fight.  Lets face it, we all are very focused and tunneled in ... when we are in a heated fight.    So lets  give players more info about the general battle  when they are not in the middle of all holy hell.

4.   OTher ideas?


Please comment on the general theme of    Tunnel Vision in Battle.   



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@isupreme  Not sure I really picture this but Is it A player that is a Stressy type and has Difficulty to relax after heavy Fight ?

For myselft I Do Focus a lot on everyting in my surrounding on game and  in figthing  But thats cut my attention on the Chat (communication)

When I respawn I sometime take the time to see what the chating was and if i miss something .Maybe some special  ingame character positive taunts on teamates  could be a destress/cheering agent somehow


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xtractor,   The ability to communicate to players what is going on is exactly the issue.  As you say,  fighting can limit attention to chat. ( and other cues like radio etc i would say )   While  most game information cues focus on negative aspects like:  " building is at 0 health",  i think it would help us all if some of them said  building is healed and healthy.

I would like the game to make more audio cues about the state of the battle and limit the over production of cues we tend to ignore.


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  • Totem Arts Staff

Maybe unrelated, but I do see some tunnel vision problem ingame. It is that nobody really thinks outside the box.

I feel that people are too focused on the meta and are too afraid to try new tactics. There's also those times when people suggest an already known tactic and they either get no response or somebody saying 'won't work'

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