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Is it silly that one reason i like this game is...


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Is it silly that one reason i like this game is...    because while it can be frantic and insanely chaotic,  there are often opportunities to take a breath, think about what is going on and formulate  some kind of plan.      Sometimes i just grab a support technician and support the front lines while watching the action and considering the next move.

I like things go go go .   but sometimes a chance to check chat, donate to a team member, or look at the map is what makes the frenzy more fun.

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Not silly at all! It's nice to be able to take a break from the action when necessary, especially when you can still be benefiting your team (support, afk repairs, etc). So many different play styles exist, and nuances inside those styles as well. It reminds me of your comments on "player voice," which I have found to be an interesting way of looking at things. : )

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