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Anyway to enable Mutators during skirmish game?

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So i know we can enable mutators by .bat files, thats not what i want!

is there anyway to enable mutators for all maps so i can use ingame setting for BOTs and also choose my map and play them with my downloaded mutators?

from what i know with .bat file u have to also put a map and after activating it u will be instantly send to that map with mutators right?

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Here's an example. In my short test, this works for the first map you choose - after that, you may have to reload the mutator. You may be able to do that by typing "/loadmutator MutatorPackage.Mutatorclass" into the console, but I'm not sure. Restarting the game with the bat or starting a map from the console with the mutator will work for sure.


Of course, you can edit the bat to use a different mutator, and include other parameters if you like.

Hope this helps! If you have more questions, it may be simpler to ask on Discord, via PMs or in the #support channel of the official Renegade X Discord at https://renegade-x.com/discord .

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  • Totem Arts Staff
4 hours ago, SgtBraken said:

Okay, thanks!


Edit: Okay, possibly dumb question, but how do you make yourself an admin in skirmish? The mutator I'm trying to use (creative mode) requires me to be admin.

@echo off
path ".\Binaries\Win32"

start UDK.exe ?AdminPassword=admin?mutator=RenX_BR.BR_Mutator

Then in-game, open the console (f5 or ~), and type /login admin

Though I think you should be admin already in skirmish games.

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