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  1. Since the Medium Tank has its coaxial mg in more maps now, I think it's time that the Tick Tank got one. That non-functional mg barrel on the Tick Tank bothers me, to be honest.
  2. Still didn't work, it seems. Got the same console response, and the menu still says I'm not the admin. Sorry for all the trouble, I really appreciate the help.
  3. I just realized I probably misread the response. Still says this in the creative menu:
  4. That doesn't seem to work. I get an invalid command message. For some reason, the creative mode mutator doesn't appear to register admin status in skirmish matches.
  5. Okay, thanks! Edit: Okay, possibly dumb question, but how do you make yourself an admin in skirmish? The mutator I'm trying to use (creative mode) requires me to be admin.
  6. I hate to ask this, but could you explain how to do that? Like what the .bat should look like?
  7. I've read about it in the wiki (which desperately needs updating, by the way), and I'd really like to try it out. But it was (allegedly temporarily) removed from the game a while ago. Is it going to return soon? Or is it gone for the foreseeable future?
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