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Is there a way to have the entire install on a USB stick?


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I am hosting a LAN in a couple of weeks and hoping to play Renegade X as our surprise game of the month.

One of the big issues typically is bandwidth - downloads are essentially impossible once you have 20-30 people on a single internet connection. I am hoping we're able to figure out a way to fit the install onto a USB stick? I downloaded the MSI; but once installed it starts a 6 gig download. Ideally I don't have to ask people to install ahead of time so that they don't have time to practice or become familiar with the game before we all drop in as newbies.

Is this possible? Any suggestions?

As well; for hosting a LAN server - I found this thread:

has there been any change to it since this information; or is it still essentially host a game online?

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Just download the entire game through the launcher, don't launch the game. Put everything onto the USB and it should be fine. The actual registering with the registry and "installing" should be done once you open the game. Make sure to include the UERedist as well.

To make a server a "LAN" server, add ?bIsLanMatch=true to your server startup.

https://api.unrealengine.com/udk/Three/CommandLineArguments.html#Server Options


Binaries\Win32\UDK.exe server CNC-Islands?bIsLanMatch=true

I recommend testing this extensively before hand, as I don't know if the USB install would work like that, that's just my first guess. Good luck and let me know if you have any issues! =) 

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2 hours ago, Goku said:

In my experience as long as the redist is installed you can freely copy the installed game to other computers with no trouble.

I agree with this, to go even a step further: I think windows 10 doesn't even need the redist.
I've been fine installing it and running it without it (using the new launcher I've been working on)

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So - mixed results.

The install worked great. I downloaded, installed, but DID NOT launch the game. I did launch the launcher (so that it was patched). Everyone was able to get going with one who had to restart to get UE3 to trigger.

The server worked reasonably well. One player had some CPU issues (or maybe RAM? there was framerate lag, but the other 16-20 people had no issues).

The issue was that the LAN server was open to the internet. We had someone known as Player292 join the server after about 15 minutes of us all just slamming back and forth and he wrecked it. Of the winning 12,000 points he was something like 9000 of them. He was the only one who killed any buildings. I had no idea how to get a password onto the server; or how to initiate a vote (it was greyed out) so we couldn't get rid of him. That resulted in people more or less losing interest as, well, it was a slaughter.

That said, beyond that for anyone who is looking to use it as a LAN, that should work no problem! The theory is sound and people had fun until 292 showed up.

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If you plan to do this again, you should take a look at these (at least the first link). They detail config settings, such as the GamePassword option in UDKGame.ini (In UDKGame\Config).

Hope this helps,


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