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Nice afternoon,

a nice clone that you designed here, tested this game yesterday for the first time on a 150 man LAN. So here in the wake that we had no internet "max LTE" a small scenario problem existed. A pure offline installer would be nice. Or a listing which files are stored where to build one yourself. Since copying the data from the installation directory worked only with the Verify, and so he had to reload 50 MB still.

Also, the connect was a bit difficult because it was only about input of the IP address, because the server had a different IP range as the client computer, perhaps here can use Broudcast or a variable which specifies users LAN Game areas. If there is no Internet connection, it would be nice if you could deactivate the internet window. Also, some errors occur when there is no permanent internet connection which makes players more confused. So maybe you still have some interest in a pure LAN edition.

Greez Eisbaer



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  • Totem Arts Staff


This is an unofficial download repo for the game. It is not updated to 5.372 yet it looks like.

And yes, you can use bIsLanMatch=true on the startup line. Either way, you should be able to see it on the local tab of your game. And I'm going to look into hosting a more up to date full installer.

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