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Idea: Buildings are taking damage when PP is down


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In my opinion losing the PP is very annoying but not so crucial like losing one of the other building. So when i played the last time on Walls and our team was able to blow up the enemy PP, i got an idea for a different penalty when a team lost its PP.

In the orginal C&C Games your base buildings are taking damge when you have a power outage.

I think this function would also fit to Ren-X: When a PP got destroyed, the buildings of its team are getting every Minute 1% damge until the health of the buildings are down to 1%. To clarify, I am talking about the health of the buildings, not its armor. Thats means the buildings are constantly bleeding down under their armor.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Destroying the PowerPlant currently nearly doubles the prices for all units, cutting a teams economy in half.
Also your suggestion might not be as bad as some of us might read it, a minute to lose only 1% of building health isn't much considering most matches only last about 40 minutes. Meaning even if you would destroy PP at the start of the game buildings at the end of the game still will not have died because of PP bleed.

Might be worth a play-test once in my opinion to see how it would affect game-play.

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I never noticed losing power makes your buildings take damage in the original C&C games, damage must be unnoticeable. They also shut radar and superweapons so if losing power is gonna be more punishing, I expect something like slowing down your productions, beacons or radar.

Anyway, losing power already makes vehicles and character purchases increased by 50% and disable primary base defense. This is usually bad enough considering I've seen so many angry players flaming the team before rage-quitting when losing the power plant.


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PP is basically a back door to the Gate Keepers being the AGT and Obelisk. As far as function goes it does make sense to be another economy building since you can't repair buildings. (sorry no construction yards). 

As far as original games well in Tiberum Sun your buildings used to randomly take damage (even with power) and some of those critters could take down a titan.

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I don’t recall that from the early CnC games at all. I think the price taxing sans pp is a perfect cripple and makes sense, I think. Community loses power = prices go up. If the price is too much or not enough for perfect balance, iduno. But I think the disadvantage is good cause and effect in the game.

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