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Why does the Apache have the Humvee Chaingun?


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Apache has great escapability.

Good Burst damage with main gun.

The copter has a tapestry of great uses. This can be seen at every pug when it comes to rushes.


So why are we attaching one of the best infantry killing tools onto it? I'm not saying the Humvee and Apache chainguns are 1 to 1 but the apache's secondary fire can really be felt when playing any flying map.

It mows down infantry and snowballs games.

If the goal is to make Apache a glass cannon why give it the Humvee style chaingun?


Right now, a good Apache pilot will control Lakeside, Walls, and Whiteout nearly every match.

When a unit controls so many game mechanics single-handily I think it at least deserves some investigating why.

Also why does the Orca have a different secondary? (as in a different chaingun)




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The reason why the apache works much better compare to the Orca is because GDI doesn't have stealth tanks, Fighting against stealth tanks is so frustrating specially in Lakeside the lock on is extremely broken and you basically cannot dodge the rockets like you can with the MRLS for example. If the enemy has 2 stealth tanks together on lakeside you cannot leave the base with orca's or else you will just die pretty much instantly by stanks + sbhs.. in my opinion the apache is fine the reason why it's much better is because of gdi not having a proper lock on tank like the stank.

All i do is flying on all the flying maps and i prefer nod even tho i like the orca's more but the stanks just make me wanna swap

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The apache is basically just strictly better than the orca due to stuff like, stanks easily killing orcas and sbhs easily handling AA towers. LIke, 9 out of 10 times, Walls Flying will end in Apache rushes, or at least Nod will gain a significant lead because of Apache rushes during the game.


Remove, or significantly lessen the apache's splash pls.

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