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This mutator blocks purchase of nuke\ion if the amount of players at server is below the player limit (it's a variable inside , change as you like) 

simply add:


The function mutate is activating the blocking. just type in console "mutate fafa"  and it's done. to undo the blocking  type again the mutate command when there are enough players (above the player limit value which defined).

Speical thanks to Alienx for helping with most of the issues and unrealscript understanding ! 
Also Ukill, fffreak9999 and every one else if I forgot sorry!




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Why is the title called Rx_CrateType_Nuke? How do you change the value? Also your explanation of using the mutator is quite interesting. Easier way is just to use something like this.

Simply add ?Mutator=Rx_blockIonNuke_Controller.MyClass to your server startup line. Also, I wouldn't recommend using a name like 'MyClass' if you're releasing this for public use.


udk.exe server CNC-Field?Mutator=Rx_blockIonNuke_Controller.MyClass -log


Edited by Sarah!
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@iTweek. now it's working,  the player limit is 22. 
Type mutate dada (the string after mutate doesn't matter but must be something)  >>> if human players (not bots) is below 22 then when you try to buy nuke\ion you will get error message in red. if the amount is above 22 you will NOT get any message the the ion\nuke will be in your inventory.

@Sarah! i didn't completely understand what to remove, I'll do it some other time.

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