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We want more game modes!!! ( Read till end)


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Command and conquer Tiberian Sun is in the same timeline as Tiberian dawn (CnC1). And i was wondering since 2 years, what the "game mode" option is for. So i was thinking of a Tiberian sun mode in wich all Buildings are being replaced by the unique TibSun buildings, The infantry haves more advanced weapons and armor and all the vehicles are from tiberian sun.

The Buildings: 

The Tiberium sun buildings already exist in a Command and conquer renegade- mod called Tiberian Sun Reborn. You can see all of the models of tiberian sun buildings there, their functions and their Interior ( idk if i wrote that right).                Резултат с изображение за Tiberian sun reborn

The Infantry:

The infantry units already are in the game Tiberium sun reborn, have unique weapons and looks ( armor, health and so on..), costs for purchasing them and  different ways of movement ( for example jumpjet trooper and the reaper cyborg have their unique way of moving across the battlefield). But they still have to be rebalanced, and made again in the unreal engine. Things like recoil, resistances, rebalanced health points,.......image.jpeg.928340811bc4ba68e94ad2fd4f1e9a8c.jpeg

The Vehicles:

Just like the Infantry, the vehicles  are also aviable in the mod, But have to be rebalanced with hitpoints, armor, resistances and special functions of them. For example the "Devils Tongue" (Suberterran Flame Tank) for Nod haves the function to dig itself under the earth and appear almost anywhere on the battlefield ( accept near the enemy base)image.jpeg.26d33034bc199424e2fe1daf4feda97f.jpeg  Резултат с изображение за Tiberian sun reborn


I would be overjoyed if all of this would happen, but i know that it won't be soon. 

Also my other thaughts: 

-A football game mode.

-A bomb defusing game mode ( just like in Counter-Strike)

-A Team Deathmach mode ( but without buildings and only purchase terminals for infantry)

- A red alert mode ( Same like Tiberian sun but created by using information and modelling from: Red altert: A path beyond)                       Резултат с изображение за red alert a path beyond


- A mutant mode ( just like the zombie mode from Call of Duty but you are set under the Temple of Nod in the Catacombs ( if you've played the original game)  and have to fight against the Tiberian mutants from the original game, while searching for weapons, weapon upgrades, armor, ammo and buffs like damage resistance or damage bonus)     image.jpeg.5adfc83667ec9372d143c571f39bad03.jpeg      image.jpeg.3be1f99205a5c735b3511e79b004afd8.jpeg


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I think the Dev Team had the idea of bringing more modes to this game, but I think we sticked to C&C Mode a very long time and actually forgot to make/finish other modes.


We DO have another mode: Team Deathmatch, but we don't really play TDM because we like C&C Mode more I think. And the balance between the character units are not that great since they didn't got modified for a TDM game. From what I know is that the "Is Deathmatch map" function in the SDK was more to test out the characters.


I can still remember in one of a Dev Team video they had an idea to bring this mode called "C&C Assault" to the game but I think that never happened or it is in the workings but never finished, I don't know.


But I hope we see in the future more modes for this game because that would awesome!

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15 hours ago, greatShot said:

-A bomb defusing game mode ( just like in Counter-Strike)

But we already have this. Plant a beacon and the game automatically switches to that mode. When this happens just look at people running around like poisoned rats to find where to play that minigame.

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