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Missing Map Loading Screens


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This has been on going for me for awhile, but just haven't really mentioned it.

When loading any map, it doesn't show the loading splash screen displaying the map name (honestly it's been so long I forgot what they look like). All it shows is a frozen image as if the camera is under the map for a few moments until I'm loaded in match. 


I've tried completely uninstalling the game and reinstalling but still same problem.


Best I can remember it started when I tried downloading a version of training yard and had to overwrite an .ini or something because it showed the loading screen for a different map. Like I said, it's been awhile.

A minor issue but puzzling.

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Skipping the loading screens which sorta makes the game look bugged, especially to new players, by way of seeing the RenX game world pre-load before the initial pre-spawn cam is set all because skipping JUST the intro movies and skipping ALL movies deserved no distinctive consideration.

But its okay, because nobody thinks that makes the game look tacky in any way because we all have supercomputers and spend less than 3 seconds loading between maps, even though first-time players are only ever going to see main menu freezing for X amount of time until they first load in but they do not matter whatsoever and... -It is a dick move, 'skip movies' and 'skip intros' should have different settings. 

Alternatively, if you uncheck 'skip movies' and then just delete the files for the intro vids that should deliver best of both worlds, right? @Agent

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7 minutes ago, Madkill40 said:

Skipping the loading screens which sorta makes the game look bugged, especially to new players,

I fell for this one time i had to re-install the game. I know a couple of times peoples "not being able to load the game" problems have been solved by telling them to wait.

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