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CommCenter as an actual basebuilding

Eagle XI

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Not the tiny capturable radar thingies.

possible Purposes:
 - Serves as prequisite for purchasing Arty/MRLS. Want to end that spam ? kill this!
 - Provides the minimap radar aslong base has power.
 - Airstrike item availability depends on this building.
 - Projects an area of stealth detection around itself aslong base has power. Inside this building stealth never functions.
 - Houses an Security Console, this is an special terminal that provides access to security cameras stationed throughout the buildings. Each building houses atleast 2 cams. Security cameras can be targetted and destroyed seperately. You know what an security camera is. Using the terminal one can see what the cams see, shows interior of one building at a time, cycle through with arrow keys. The cameras themselves wont detect stealth.

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41 minutes ago, CoreDefender said:

I have wanted this for a long time, as it was an actual base building in some custom Renegade multiplayer maps. 

@TK0104 Had created a Communications Center interior as far as I know, not sure what happened to it.


It was taken straight from the old Renegade game and it was quite outdated tbh. I planned it first to add it to an old map: CNC-Xmeteor but decided to scrap that since it didnt had a function and it looked so crappy

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kenz said something in regards of a tech building or a capturable building as something you only need to be there for a short time or something in that manner shouldn't be something that one lingers around for.  just simply capture it and onto the next mission no need to stay around in a multi-floor building to capture one mct  

I think that was bc of the design of the current comm center. give it some decoration and have players capture it from outside its a gameplay mechanics thing

My aim is just for fun I don't take team balance or anything like that into consideration waaayyy too much work for me.  But the comm center could be something minimap related since that is what it allowed for.  the cool thing is once you make the comm center you can make the advanced comm center for GDI since they use the same base.  

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