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The nBab Query


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The thing is, when you open up the map Fort with the SDK there is no clear indication to how these scripts are activated...

But in-regards to .uc files...




This query just got a whole lot deeper, there may be more possibilities open for maps to come with standalone features, once made these features can be duplicated to create a wider variety of maps and engaging better replay'ability.

No kismet necessary.

@Agent "Look at" in what sense? I dunno how to use these.

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Yeah so for loading, Fort actually has the mutator hardcoded to get loaded in the game client. However you can theoretically place a mutator object in the level, which should work to some degree. I meant to look into this and make a tutorial some time ago but never got around to it since it wasn't an immediate major issue.

A lazy solution may also just be to add a map setting I guess to let the level load an array of mutators. We'll see.

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