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Symmetric maps


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1 hour ago, dr.schrott said:

Some symmetric maps are only good for GDI other only for Nod.

Making maps more asymmetric and  respecting the differences between the GDI's and Nod's vehicles would make the game more interesting ?

What do you think ?

That would be an interesting idea, worthy of research! Guess exact balancing would be a bit tricky... But should worth a try! Now you "only" need a mapper... @dr.schrott please elaborate further on this asymmetrical theory of yours, what ways would you "respect the differences" ? 

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if a map is symmetric or not isn't "the" deciding factor that a map is in favour of Geeds or the Brotherhood.

Either mappers decide to give both teams equal possibilities to attack:

  • one long range vehicle spot (MRLS / Mammoth || Arties) per team
  • one - two rocket soldier rush spots per team
  • balanced sniper positions
  • balanced crate spawn locations
  • hidden Silo
  • no b2b etc etc

there are a lot of factors to take into account. The mapper (and the PLAYERS) decide if a map is in favour of a certain fraction by simply using the terrain to their advantage

e.g. Reservoir:

is a Nod map IF:

  • Nod controlls the dam (incl all inf areas) with decent snipers
  • Arties maxed out (12/12) with field repairs.
  • later flamer / stankz as support units

is a GDI map IF:

  • GDI controls the dam xD
  • GDI gets 5-7 mammoth tanks + supporting meds / MRLS rolling out (decent field repair)

Reservoir used to be a real GDI map before @Henk decided to reduce the cash per harvy dump :D now it takes much longer for most geeds to get an overlord Mammoth rolling.



PS: not sure why I chose Reservoir as example... most map are balanced if the teams are balanced (and if the team knows & follows decent tactics). if if if if :P

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4 hours ago, Fffreak9999 said:

Remember Reservoir PUG for the first time?

2+ Hours on a single map

2nd time to correct you. But anyway will never forget it :P

This was the real first time

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