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[Testing] Renegade X - Map testing


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RenX community testers:

What do we offer:

  • general map testing
  • glitch, game exploit, balance testing
  • proper feedback, documentation, etc. for mappers
  • private / confidential pre-release testing
  • and more... :P

How to recruit us:

We usually test any map that you request us to test for you. Please be aware that it might take a while until you get the feedback.

& more - that are: many talented and seasoned RenX players, either tanker, sniper, commander, sneaker, rusher (for gameplay feedback) or dedicated glitchers that are known to us and help to improve the game for the greater cause. ;)



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About creating a new - possiblly awesome - map for RenX.

Note: we're no mappers, none of our testers has proper mapping experience, but from the testers point of view I'd like to give following advice:

  • get the latest SDK release
  • if you're using additional content, such as @TK0104's teamsilo always keep it up to date. same with other prefabs from other mappers
  • if you'd like to use content from other mappers (textures, etc.): ask personally for permission first (unless they released content via the download section)

How to start a new map [testers point of view]:

  • draw different basic sketches [bird#s eye view + maybe some detailed sketeches of certain interesting map sections]
  • post them on the WIP forums [https://renegade-x.com/forums/forum/14-works-in-progress/] and ask for feedback / suggestions
  • for a proper balanced map you'll need feedback from various people (both fractions allegiance): tanker, sneaker, defender, sniper, rusher, commander [if you know seasoned players from the mentioned division feel free to poke em on forums with "@nickname", there are currentls three players only that can claim to be "all-rounder" / Commando units, so it's probably the best to ask as many people for feedback as you can possibly get]
  • start working on the details
  • request dev-mapper-feedback [Havoc89 / Ruud / Henk / Schmitz / kenz / etc.] they'll give decent feedback for SDK issues & give good advice for different textures (unique look of the map), polishing, collision fixes, and - very important - culling
  • pre-release for balance tests / bug fixing
  • ask for feedback again + fix the map
  • invite interested players for a gameplay test (hard to get enough players...)
  • once the map is fixed / balanced: release version 1.0

There's no use in secretly developing maps and releasing them during a dark spooky night. Reason? Simple...

  • as mentioned above only very very few players have the skill / experience to use any unit on a high skill-level and as a mapper you have to consider any possible gameplay aspect which is a difficult task
  • balance is very important. if you have a special allegiance to GDI you might design a map that favours them... the chances of such a map to get appreciated & popular are very low
  • stuck spots / bad collisions may occur to you as minor issues - plain wrong!!! a map may be as beautiful as it could possibly be... if a player joins a server, starts running around and ends up getting stuck three times in a row, maybe dies due to a random kill-zone and gets trapped in some dungeon (missing ground collision) he'll give a bad feedback and will most likely tell others that the map "sucks"
  • in my very personal opinion mappers should listen to the community more often. because... for whom do you put that much time & effort into a map if not for the community [I doubt anyone whos mapping wants to end up playing his own maps with / vs bots]
  • also important: balance tanking / infantry-only areas, give snipers special areas but DO not build OP sniper perches [expect ragequitters then]

Hope this might help some - possible new aspiring - mappers to start mapping.



15 hours ago, roweboat said:

oh so the crew is officially inofficial now =D

yes, we'll never get official and we're absolutely fine with that. Kane blesses the libertines after all [unless they stand up against his forseen plans] :D

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  • Totem Arts Staff
On 7.8.2017 at 2:27 PM, DarkSn4ke said:

Note: we're no mappers, none of our testers has proper mapping experience, but from the testers point of view I'd like to give following advice:

Well I think I am a little execption :)

But the testing is much more important then some people think, he is totally right with the points he worte there.


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